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Meaning: enemy

Der Feind greift uns an.

The enemy is attacking us.

Meaning: foe

Er betrachtet mich als seinen Feind.

He considers me as his foe.

Meaning: adversary

Sie ist ein gefährlicher politischer Feind.

She is a dangerous political adversary.

Meaning: opponent

Mein Bruder ist mein stärkster Gegner.

My brother is my strongest opponent.

Meaning: rival

Die beiden Unternehmen sind erbitterte Rivalen.

The two companies are fierce rivals.


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A1: Der Feind ist gefährlich.

A1: The enemy is dangerous.

A1: Die Soldaten kämpfen gegen den Feind.

A1: The soldiers are fighting against the enemy.

A1: Der Feind hat verloren.

A1: The enemy has lost.

B1: Die Stadt wurde vom Feind erobert.

B1: The city was conquered by the enemy.

B1: Die Spione haben wichtige Informationen über den Feind gesammelt.

B1: The spies have gathered important information about the enemy.

B2: Der Krieg gegen den Feind dauerte viele Jahre.

B2: The war against the enemy lasted many years.

C1: Die Diplomaten verhandeln mit dem Feind über einen Waffenstillstand.

C1: The diplomats are negotiating with the enemy for a ceasefire.

C1: Der Feind wird als bedrohlich und unberechenbar angesehen.

C1: The enemy is considered as threatening and unpredictable.

C2: Trotz der Niederlage des Feindes bleiben die Spannungen bestehen.

C2: Despite the enemy's defeat, tensions persist.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Feind' translates to 'enemy' in English. It refers to a person, group, or thing that is opposed to another and seeks to harm, defeat, or destroy them.

In German culture, the concept of 'Feind' has historical significance. Germany has experienced numerous conflicts throughout its history, including wars and political divisions. The term 'Feind' is often used in the context of these conflicts to describe an adversary or opponent.

It is important to note that 'Feind' can also be used metaphorically to describe someone or something that is perceived as a threat or obstacle. In this sense, it does not necessarily imply a personal animosity but rather a state of opposition or conflict.

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