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Meaning: field (agricultural land)

Der Bauer arbeitet auf dem Feld.

The farmer works in the field.

Meaning: field (playing area)

Die Kinder spielen Fußball auf dem Feld.

The children play soccer on the field.

Meaning: field (area of study or profession)

Sie ist Expertin auf ihrem Fachgebiet und kennt sich bestens in ihrem Feld aus.

She is an expert in her field and knows it very well.

Meaning: field (category or domain)

Er hat viele Erfahrungen in verschiedenen Feldern der Wissenschaft gesammelt.

He has gained a lot of experience in various fields of science.


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A1: Das Feld ist grün.

The field is green.

A1: Ich spiele Fußball auf dem Feld.

I play soccer on the field.

A1: Die Kühe grasen auf dem Feld.

The cows graze in the field.

B1: Der Bauer bestellt das Feld jedes Jahr.

The farmer cultivates the field every year.

B1: Wir haben das Feld mit Getreide bepflanzt.

We planted the field with crops.

B2: Die Ernte auf dem Feld war dieses Jahr besonders gut.

The harvest in the field was particularly good this year.

C1: Nachdem der Regen aufgehört hatte, begannen die Bauern das Feld zu bestellen.

After the rain stopped, the farmers started to cultivate the field.

C1: Das Feld wurde von den Landwirten sorgfältig bewirtschaftet.

The field was carefully managed by the farmers.

C2: Durch den Einsatz moderner Technologien konnte der Ertrag auf dem Feld gesteigert werden.

By using modern technologies, the yield in the field could be increased.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Feld' translates to 'field' in English. It refers to a piece of land that is used for cultivation or pasture, typically for growing crops or raising livestock.

Fields are an essential part of agriculture and play a crucial role in food production. They provide the space and resources needed to grow various types of crops, such as wheat, corn, soybeans, and vegetables. Fields also serve as grazing areas for animals like cows, sheep, and horses.

In addition to their agricultural significance, fields can also have recreational and aesthetic value. They are often depicted in art and literature as symbols of tranquility and natural beauty. Fields can be found in rural areas as well as urban parks, providing open spaces for outdoor activities and leisure.

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