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Feuer means fire in German.

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Meaning: fire

Das Feuer wärmt den Raum.

The fire warms the room.

Meaning: gunfire

Das Feuer der Kanonen hallt durch das Tal.

The gunfire echoes through the valley.

Meaning: passion

Sie hat ein Feuer für die Musik.

She has a passion for music.

Meaning: lighter

Kannst du mir bitte Feuer geben?

Can you please give me a lighter?

Meaning: campfire

Wir haben ein gemütliches Feuer am Strand gemacht.

We made a cozy campfire on the beach.


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A1: Das Feuer brennt.

The fire is burning.

A2: Ich habe ein Feuer gemacht.

I made a fire.

A2: Wo ist das Feuerzeug?

Where is the lighter?

B1: Die Feuerwehr löschte das Feuer schnell.

The fire department extinguished the fire quickly.

B2: Das Feuer war bereits ausgebrochen, als die Feuerwehr ankam.

The fire had already broken out when the fire department arrived.

B2: Wir sollten das Feuer im Kamin anfachen.

We should kindle the fire in the fireplace.

C1: Das Feuer wütete tagelang und zerstörte viele Häuser.

The fire raged for days and destroyed many houses.

C1: Nach dem Brand blieb nur noch Asche von dem Gebäude übrig.

After the fire, only ashes remained of the building.

C2: Durch den starken Wind breitete sich das Feuer rasend schnell aus.

Due to the strong wind, the fire spread rapidly.

Advanced Description

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Feuer is a noun in the German language that refers to the natural phenomenon of combustion. It is characterized by the rapid oxidation of a material, resulting in the release of heat, light, and various gases. Fire has been an essential part of human civilization for thousands of years, providing warmth, light, and a means for cooking food. However, it can also be destructive and dangerous if not properly controlled.

In addition to its practical uses, fire holds significant cultural and symbolic meanings in various societies. It has often been associated with power, transformation, and purification. Fire plays a central role in religious rituals, festivals, and celebrations around the world. In literature and art, fire is frequently used as a metaphor for passion, energy, and destruction.

Understanding the properties and behavior of fire is crucial for firefighters, scientists, and engineers who work with combustion processes. The study of fire science involves examining factors such as ignition, flame propagation, fuel types, and fire suppression techniques. By understanding how fire behaves and spreads, experts can develop strategies to prevent fires or minimize their impact.

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