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Meaning: Final

Das Finale des Wettbewerbs findet nächste Woche statt.

The final of the competition will take place next week.

Meaning: Finals

Die Fußballmannschaft hat die Finals erreicht.

The soccer team has reached the finals.

Meaning: Conclusion

Am Ende des Buches gibt es ein überraschendes Finale.

At the end of the book, there is a surprising conclusion.


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A1: Das Finale war sehr spannend.

A1: The final was very exciting.

A1: Ich habe das Finale im Fernsehen gesehen.

A1: I watched the final on TV.

A1: Wer hat das Finale gewonnen?

A1: Who won the final?

B1: Das Finale findet am Samstag statt.

B1: The final takes place on Saturday.

B1: Die Mannschaft hat sich für das Finale qualifiziert.

B1: The team has qualified for the final.

B2: Im letzten Jahr haben sie das Finale verloren.

B2: They lost the final last year.

B2: Der Spieler hat das entscheidende Tor im Finale geschossen.

B2: The player scored the decisive goal in the final.

C1: Das Finale wird live im Fernsehen übertragen.

C1: The final will be broadcast live on television.

C1: Im Finale standen sich zwei starke Teams gegenüber.

C1: Two strong teams faced each other in the final.

C2: Der Spieler wurde zum wertvollsten Spieler des Finales gekürt.

C2: The player was named the most valuable player of the final.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'Finale' in German refers to the final or last part of something, often used in the context of a performance or competition. It can describe the concluding section of a musical composition, the ultimate round of a sports tournament, or the climax of a story or event.

In music, the 'Finale' is typically the last movement of a symphony, sonata, or other large-scale work. It is often characterized by its grandeur and intensity, serving as a culmination of the preceding sections. Similarly, in sports, the 'Finale' is the ultimate match or game that determines the champion or winner of a tournament.

The term 'Finale' can also be used metaphorically to describe the concluding part of any sequence or series. It signifies the end or conclusion of an endeavor, bringing together all the elements and resolving any remaining conflicts or questions.

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