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Fisch is a German noun that refers to any aquatic animal that has gills, fins, and a streamlined body.

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Meaning: fish (animal)

Der Fisch schwimmt im Wasser.

The fish is swimming in the water.

Meaning: fish (food)

Ich esse gerne gebratenen Fisch.

I enjoy eating fried fish.

Meaning: fish (catch)

Er geht angeln, um Fische zu fangen.

He goes fishing to catch fish.

Meaning: fish (playing card suit)

Ich habe vier Karten mit dem Fisch-Symbol.

I have four cards with the fish symbol.


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A1: Ich esse gerne Fisch.

A1: I like to eat fish.

A1: Der Fisch schwimmt im Wasser.

A1: The fish is swimming in the water.

A1: Meine Mutter kauft immer frischen Fisch auf dem Markt.

A1: My mother always buys fresh fish at the market.

B1: Gestern habe ich einen großen Fisch gefangen.

B1: Yesterday, I caught a big fish.

B1: Wir werden heute Abend Fisch zum Abendessen haben.

B1: We will have fish for dinner tonight.

B2: Als ich in Norwegen war, habe ich Lachs gegessen, der direkt aus dem Fluss gefischt wurde.

B2: When I was in Norway, I ate salmon that was caught directly from the river.

C1: Die Fischer haben den Fang des Tages an Land gebracht und die Fische sofort verkauft.

C1: The fishermen brought the catch of the day ashore and sold the fish immediately.

C1: In diesem Restaurant gibt es eine große Auswahl an verschiedenen Fischgerichten.

C1: This restaurant offers a wide variety of different fish dishes.

C2: Die Überfischung der Meere ist ein ernstes Problem, das dringend angegangen werden muss.

C2: Overfishing of the seas is a serious problem that needs to be urgently addressed.

Advanced Description

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Fisch is an important part of German cuisine and culture. Germany is known for its love of seafood, especially fish, which is reflected in the many traditional dishes that feature it. Some popular German fish dishes include Matjes, Heringssalat, and Forelle Müllerin. Fish is also commonly eaten during the Christmas season as part of the traditional festive meal.

In addition to being a staple food source, Fisch plays an important role in the ecosystem. As predators, they help to control the populations of other aquatic animals. They also serve as prey for larger animals such as birds and mammals. Many species of fish are also commercially valuable and are caught for their meat or used in products such as fish oil and fertilizer.

However, overfishing and pollution have had a significant impact on fish populations in Germany and around the world. This has led to efforts to promote sustainable fishing practices and protect endangered species. The German government has implemented regulations and restrictions on fishing in certain areas and at certain times to help preserve fish populations for future generations.

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