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Meaning: bat (animal)

Die Fledermaus fliegt in der Nacht.

The bat flies at night.

Meaning: bat (sports equipment)

Der Baseballspieler schlug den Ball mit der Fledermaus.

The baseball player hit the ball with the bat.

Meaning: bat (theater performance)

Die Fledermaus ist eine beliebte Operette von Johann Strauss II.

The Bat is a popular operetta by Johann Strauss II.


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A1: Die Fledermaus fliegt in der Nacht.

A1: The bat flies at night.

A1: Die Fledermaus hängt kopfüber an der Decke.

A1: The bat hangs upside down from the ceiling.

A1: Die Fledermaus hat Flügel.

A1: The bat has wings.

B1: Die Fledermaus jagt Insekten in der Dämmerung.

B1: The bat hunts insects at dusk.

B1: Die Fledermaus nutzt Ultraschall, um ihre Beute zu orten.

B1: The bat uses ultrasound to locate its prey.

B1: Die Fledermaus ist nachtaktiv und schläft tagsüber.

B1: The bat is nocturnal and sleeps during the day.

C1: Die Fledermauspopulation nimmt aufgrund von Lebensraumverlust ab.

C1: The bat population is decreasing due to habitat loss.

C1: Die Fledermaus ist ein wichtiger Bestäuber für viele Pflanzenarten.

C1: The bat is an important pollinator for many plant species.

C1: Die Fledermaus kann bis zu 1000 Insekten pro Nacht fressen.

C1: The bat can eat up to 1000 insects per night.

Advanced Description

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The word "Fledermaus" is a German noun that translates to "bat" in English. It is composed of two parts: "Fleder", which means "fluttering" or "flitting", and "Maus", which means "mouse". Therefore, the literal translation of Fledermaus is "fluttering mouse".

In German, Fledermaus refers specifically to the order Chiroptera, which includes all species of bats. Bats are mammals that belong to the same group as humans, known as placental mammals. They are characterized by their ability to fly using elongated fingers covered by a thin membrane of skin called wings.

Bats play important roles in ecosystems as pollinators, seed dispersers, and insect controllers. They are found worldwide, except in extreme desert and polar regions. There are over 1,400 species of bats, making them the second largest order of mammals after rodents.

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