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Meaning: shape

Die Form der Wolken am Himmel ändert sich ständig.

The shape of the clouds in the sky is constantly changing.

Meaning: form

Bitte füllen Sie das Anmeldeformular aus.

Please fill out the registration form.

Meaning: mold

Der Künstler benutzte eine Form, um die Figur zu gießen.

The artist used a mold to cast the figure.

Meaning: condition

Seine körperliche Form hat sich in den letzten Monaten verbessert.

His physical condition has improved in the last few months.

Meaning: pattern

Das Kleid hat ein schönes Blumenmuster.

The dress has a beautiful flower pattern.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich habe eine Form ausgefüllt.

A1: I filled out a form.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte die Form geben?

A1: Can you please give me the form?

A1: Die Form ist blau.

A1: The form is blue.

B1: Bitte füllen Sie das Antragsformular aus.

B1: Please fill out the application form.

B1: Die Form des Gebäudes ist einzigartig.

B1: The shape of the building is unique.

B2: Er hat die Form verloren und konnte nicht am Rennen teilnehmen.

B2: He lost his fitness and couldn't participate in the race.

C1: Der Künstler hat die Skulptur in perfekter Form geschaffen.

C1: The artist created the sculpture in perfect form.

C1: Das Unternehmen muss seine Geschäftsform ändern, um wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben.

C1: The company needs to change its business form to remain competitive.

C2: Die Mathematikerin entwickelte eine neue Formel zur Berechnung der Wahrscheinlichkeit.

C2: The mathematician developed a new formula for calculating probability.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Form' translates to 'form' in English. It refers to the shape or structure of an object, often used to describe the external appearance or physical characteristics of something.

In a broader sense, 'Form' can also refer to a particular arrangement or configuration of elements, such as the layout or design of a document, artwork, or architectural structure.

Additionally, 'Form' can have specific meanings in different contexts. For example, in sports, it can refer to a player's fitness level or performance ability. In mathematics, it can refer to a mathematical equation or expression that represents a specific pattern or relationship.

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