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The German noun 'Frau' means 'woman' or 'Mrs.' in English.

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Meaning: woman

Die Frau geht einkaufen.

The woman is going shopping.

Meaning: wife

Meine Frau kocht das Abendessen.

My wife is cooking dinner.

Meaning: Mrs.

Frau Müller ist meine Deutschlehrerin.

Mrs. Müller is my German teacher.

Meaning: lady

Diese Frau ist sehr freundlich.

This lady is very friendly.

Meaning: madam

Guten Tag, Frau!

Good day, madam!


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A1: Die Frau geht einkaufen.

The woman goes shopping.

A1: Ich sehe eine Frau auf der Straße.

I see a woman on the street.

A1: Meine Mutter ist eine freundliche Frau.

My mother is a friendly woman.

B1: Die Frau hat gestern ein Buch gelesen.

The woman read a book yesterday.

B1: Der Mann und die Frau haben sich vor einem Jahr kennengelernt.

The man and the woman met each other a year ago.

B1: Die Frau wird morgen in den Urlaub fliegen.

The woman will fly on vacation tomorrow.

C1: Die Frau hatte bereits viele Länder bereist, bevor sie sich niedergelassen hat.

The woman had already traveled to many countries before settling down.

C1: Die Frau hätte gerne einen Job im Ausland gefunden, aber es war schwierig.

The woman would have liked to find a job abroad, but it was difficult.

C1: Die Frau ist seit vielen Jahren als Ärztin tätig und hat viel Erfahrung gesammelt.

The woman has been working as a doctor for many years and has gained a lot of experience.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, the word 'Frau' is used to refer to an adult female. It is a common and respectful way to address or refer to a woman, similar to how 'Mrs.' is used in English. The word can be used both as a title before a woman's name (e.g., Frau Schmidt) or as a standalone noun (e.g., Die Frau ist nett - The woman is nice).

In formal settings, such as business or official correspondence, it is customary to use 'Frau' followed by the woman's last name as a form of address. This is similar to using 'Mrs.' or 'Ms.' in English. However, it's important to note that unlike in English, where 'Mrs.' denotes marital status, 'Frau' is used for all adult women regardless of their marital status.

It's worth mentioning that the word 'Frau' can also be used colloquially to refer to any woman, regardless of age or marital status. In this context, it is similar to the English word 'lady'. For example, you might hear someone say 'Die Frau da drüben' (The lady over there) when pointing out a woman in a casual conversation.

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