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Meaning: garden

Ich pflanze Blumen in meinem Garten.

I plant flowers in my garden.

Meaning: yard

Die Kinder spielen im Garten.

The children are playing in the yard.

Meaning: park

Wir machen einen Spaziergang im Stadtpark.

We are taking a walk in the city park.

Meaning: orchard

Der Bauer hat einen großen Obstgarten.

The farmer has a large orchard.

Meaning: estate

Das Schloss hat einen wunderschönen Garten.

The castle has a beautiful estate.


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Ich habe einen kleinen Garten hinter meinem Haus.

I have a small garden behind my house.

Meine Eltern pflanzen Blumen im Garten.

My parents plant flowers in the garden.

Kommst du mit in den Garten spielen?

Do you want to come and play in the garden?

Wir haben gestern den Garten umgegraben.

We dug up the garden yesterday.

Die Nachbarn werden ihren Garten neu gestalten.

The neighbors will redesign their garden.

Der Gärtner hat die Pflanzen im Garten gegossen.

The gardener watered the plants in the garden.

Wenn ich Zeit habe, werde ich den Garten mähen.

If I have time, I will mow the lawn.

Hättest du Lust, den Garten zu bepflanzen?

Would you like to plant the garden?

Im Sommer werde ich den Garten regelmäßig pflegen müssen.

In summer, I will have to take care of the garden regularly.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A garden is a piece of land that is cultivated and maintained for growing plants, flowers, vegetables, or fruits. It is usually located near a house or in a designated area and is often used for recreational purposes or as a source of fresh produce.

In Germany, gardens play an important role in the culture and lifestyle of its people. Known as 'Schrebergärten' or 'Kleingärten', these small plots of land are typically found in urban areas and are rented out to individuals or families who do not have access to their own private outdoor space. German gardens are meticulously cared for and can feature a variety of plants, trees, and even small buildings like sheds or greenhouses.

Gardening is a popular hobby among Germans, and having a garden provides them with an opportunity to connect with nature, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. It also allows them to grow their own fresh produce, which is highly valued in German cuisine. Many Germans take great pride in their gardens and participate in gardening competitions or open their gardens to the public during special events.

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