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Gedanke is a German noun that translates to 'thought' in English. It refers to the mental process of considering or contemplating something.

Part of speech





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Meaning: thought

Ich habe einen Gedanken.

I have a thought.

Meaning: idea

Er hat gute Gedanken.

He has good ideas.

Meaning: concept

Das ist ein grundlegender Gedanke.

That is a fundamental concept.

Meaning: notion

Sie hat eine vage Vorstellung oder Gedanken darüber.

She has a vague notion or thoughts about it.

Meaning: reflection

Seine Worte waren ein tiefer Gedanke.

His words were a deep reflection.


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A1: Ich habe einen Gedanken.

A1: I have a thought.

A1: Er hat viele Gedanken.

A1: He has many thoughts.

A1: Sie teilt ihre Gedanken mit uns.

A1: She shares her thoughts with us.

B1: Ich habe gerade einen Gedanken gehabt.

B1: I just had a thought.

B1: Er überlegt sich immer wieder neue Gedanken.

B1: He constantly comes up with new thoughts.

B1: Wir haben ähnliche Gedanken zu diesem Thema.

B1: We have similar thoughts on this topic.

C1: Nach langem Nachdenken kam sie zu einem klaren Gedanken.

C1: After long contemplation, she arrived at a clear thought.

C1: Seine Gedanken sind komplex und tiefgründig.

C1: His thoughts are complex and profound.

C1: Die Diskussion regte zum Nachdenken über neue Gedanken an.

C1: The discussion stimulated thinking about new thoughts.

Advanced Description

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Gedanke is a fundamental concept in psychology and philosophy. In psychology, it is studied as a cognitive process that involves the manipulation of information in the mind. In philosophy, it is often discussed in relation to consciousness, perception, and reality.

The word Gedanke can also be used in everyday language to refer to an idea or notion that someone has. For example, one might say 'Ich hatte einen Gedanken' (I had a thought) when they come up with an idea or solution to a problem.

In German culture, there is a strong emphasis on introspection and self-reflection, which makes the concept of Gedanke particularly important. Many German philosophers and writers have explored the nature of thought and its relationship to human experience.

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