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Meaning: poem

Sie hat ein wunderschönes Gedicht geschrieben.

She has written a beautiful poem.

Meaning: verse

Kannst du mir den letzten Vers des Gedichts vorlesen?

Can you read me the last verse of the poem?

Meaning: poetry

Er interessiert sich sehr für moderne Gedichte.

He is very interested in modern poetry.

Meaning: rhyme

Das Gedicht hat einen schönen Reim am Ende.

The poem has a nice rhyme at the end.


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A1: Ich habe ein Gedicht geschrieben.

A1: I wrote a poem.

A1: Sie liest gerne Gedichte.

A1: She enjoys reading poems.

A1: Er hat das Gedicht auswendig gelernt.

A1: He memorized the poem.

B1: Das Gedicht handelt von Liebe und Verlust.

B1: The poem is about love and loss.

B1: Der Dichter hat das Gedicht in der Romantik verfasst.

B1: The poet composed the poem in the Romantic period.

B2: Das Gedicht wurde mit viel Symbolik geschrieben.

B2: The poem was written with a lot of symbolism.

C1: Das Gedicht ist ein Meisterwerk der deutschen Literatur.

C1: The poem is a masterpiece of German literature.

C1: In diesem Gedicht werden gesellschaftliche Missstände kritisiert.

C1: This poem criticizes social injustices.

C2: Das Gedicht zeugt von einer tiefen Melancholie.

C2: The poem reflects a deep melancholy.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Gedicht' translates to 'poem' in English. It refers to a form of literary expression that uses rhythm, imagery, and language to evoke emotions and convey ideas.

A Gedicht is typically written in verse and can vary in length, structure, and style. It often explores themes such as love, nature, or the human condition. Poets use various techniques like rhyme, meter, and metaphor to create a unique artistic expression.

Gedichte have been an integral part of German literature for centuries, with famous poets like Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Friedrich Schiller contributing to its rich tradition. They are appreciated for their ability to capture the beauty of language and offer insights into the complexities of human experience.

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