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Meaning: glass (material)

Das Glas ist zerbrochen.

The glass is broken.

Meaning: glass (drinking vessel)

Ich trinke mein Wasser aus einem Glas.

I drink my water from a glass.

Meaning: glass (window pane)

Bitte schließe das Fenster, es zieht durch das Glas.

Please close the window, there's a draft through the glass.

Meaning: glass (mirror)

Sie betrachtet ihr Spiegelbild im Glas.

She looks at her reflection in the mirror.

Meaning: glass (measurement unit)

Ein Glas Orangensaft enthält etwa 200 ml.

A glass of orange juice contains about 200 ml.


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A1: Das Glas ist leer.

The glass is empty.

A1: Ich trinke Wasser aus einem Glas.

I drink water from a glass.

A1: Kannst du mir bitte ein Glas geben?

Can you please give me a glass?

B1: Sie hat das Glas vorsichtig auf den Tisch gestellt.

She carefully placed the glass on the table.

B1: Er hat das Glas zerbrochen, als er es fallen ließ.

He broke the glass when he dropped it.

B2: Wir haben gestern Abend aus Gläsern getrunken.

We drank from glasses last night.

C1: Das Glas war so dünn, dass es leicht zerbrach.

The glass was so thin that it easily broke.

C1: In der Bar servieren sie Cocktails in hohen Gläsern.

In the bar, they serve cocktails in tall glasses.

C2: Das Glas wurde sorgfältig poliert, um alle Fingerabdrücke zu entfernen.

The glass was carefully polished to remove all fingerprints.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Glas' is a German noun that translates to 'glass' in English. It refers to a hard, brittle, and transparent material made by heating a mixture of silica, soda, and lime. Glass is commonly used for making windows, bottles, mirrors, and various other objects.

In addition to its practical applications, glass also has cultural and artistic significance. It has been used for centuries in the creation of stained glass windows, decorative glassware, and intricate glass sculptures. Glassblowing, the art of shaping molten glass into various forms using a blowpipe, is a traditional craft that continues to be practiced today.

Furthermore, 'Glas' can also refer to a drinking vessel or container made of glass. Glasses are commonly used for serving beverages such as water, juice, wine, and beer. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the type of drink being served.

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