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Meaning: bell

Die Glocke läutet zur Messe.

The bell rings for the mass.

Meaning: chime

Die Glocke erklingt melodisch.

The chime sounds melodious.

Meaning: handle

Bitte ziehen Sie an der Glocke, um den Kellner zu rufen.

Please pull the handle to call the waiter.

Meaning: cup

Eine Glocke Tee wäre jetzt schön.

A cup of tea would be nice right now.


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A1: Die Glocke läutet.

The bell rings.

A1: Die Glocke hängt im Turm.

The bell hangs in the tower.

A2: Die Glocke ist laut.

The bell is loud.

B1: Die Glocke wurde gestern repariert.

The bell was repaired yesterday.

B1: Ich höre die Glocke schon seit einer Stunde.

I have been hearing the bell for an hour already.

B2: Die Glocke wird morgen geläutet werden.

The bell will be rung tomorrow.

C1: Die Glocke hatte bereits mehrere Jahrhunderte überdauert, als sie endlich restauriert wurde.

The bell had survived several centuries before it was finally restored.

C1: Wenn ich die Glocke läuten lasse, kommen alle zum Gottesdienst.

When I ring the bell, everyone comes to the church service.

C2: Es wäre schön gewesen, wenn die Glocke nicht so oft kaputt gegangen wäre.

It would have been nice if the bell hadn't broken so often.

Advanced Description

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A 'Glocke' is a German noun that translates to 'bell' in English. It refers to a hollow, metallic instrument that produces sound when struck or rung.

In Germany, bells have been used for centuries as a means of communication and signaling. They are commonly found in churches, where they are rung to mark the time, call people to worship, or announce important events.

Glocken can vary in size and shape, ranging from small handbells to large church bells. They are typically made of bronze or brass and are suspended from a frame or tower. The sound produced by a Glocke can be loud and resonant, carrying over long distances.

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