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Meaning: grass

Die Kinder spielen auf dem Gras.

The children are playing on the grass.

Meaning: weed

Im Garten wächst viel Gras.

There is a lot of weed growing in the garden.

Meaning: marijuana

Er raucht gerne Gras.

He enjoys smoking marijuana.

Meaning: straw

Ich trinke meinen Saft mit einem Strohhalm aus Gras.

I drink my juice with a straw made of straw.


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A1: Das Gras ist grün.

The grass is green.

A1: Ich sehe ein kleines Gras.

I see a small blade of grass.

A1: Die Kuh frisst das Gras.

The cow eats the grass.

B1: Im Sommer wächst das Gras schnell.

In summer, the grass grows quickly.

B1: Gestern habe ich das Gras gemäht.

Yesterday, I mowed the grass.

B1: Wenn es regnet, wird das Gras nass.

When it rains, the grass gets wet.

C1: Das Gras wurde von den Kindern plattgetreten.

The grass was trampled by the children.

C1: Der Gärtner düngt das Gras regelmäßig.

The gardener fertilizes the grass regularly.

C1: Nach dem Winter sprießt das Gras wieder aus der Erde.

After winter, the grass sprouts out of the ground again.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Gras is a German noun that translates to 'grass' in English. It refers to the green, leafy plant that covers the ground and is commonly found in lawns, meadows, and fields.

In Germany, grass is an important part of the landscape and plays a significant role in agriculture, gardening, and landscaping. It provides food for livestock, helps prevent soil erosion, and adds aesthetic value to outdoor spaces.

Gras is also used in various cultural and recreational activities in Germany. It serves as a playing surface for sports like soccer and golf, and is often enjoyed by people for picnics, sunbathing, or simply relaxing in nature.

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