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Meaning: group

Die Schüler wurden in Gruppen eingeteilt.

The students were divided into groups.

Meaning: team

Unser Fußballteam hat das Spiel gewonnen.

Our soccer team won the game.

Meaning: band

Meine Lieblingsband spielt heute Abend ein Konzert.

My favorite band is playing a concert tonight.

Meaning: cluster

In der Astronomie gibt es viele Sterne, die in Gruppen zusammengefasst sind.

In astronomy, there are many stars that are grouped together.

Meaning: association

Er ist Mitglied einer Umweltschutzgruppe.

He is a member of an environmental protection group.


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A1: Die Gruppe besteht aus fünf Personen.

A1: The group consists of five people.

A1: Wir sind eine Gruppe von Freunden.

A1: We are a group of friends.

A1: Die Schüler arbeiten in Gruppen.

A1: The students work in groups.

B1: Die Gruppe hat sich im Park getroffen.

B1: The group met in the park.

B1: In unserer Gruppe gibt es verschiedene Meinungen.

B1: In our group, there are different opinions.

B1: Die Gruppe wird nächste Woche ein Projekt starten.

B1: The group will start a project next week.

C1: Die Gruppe hatte bereits viele Erfolge erzielt, bevor sie sich auflöste.

C1: The group had already achieved many successes before it disbanded.

C1: Die Mitglieder der Gruppe haben unterschiedliche Hintergründe und Fähigkeiten.

C1: The members of the group have different backgrounds and abilities.

C1: Die Gruppe plant, ihre Aktivitäten auf andere Länder auszuweiten.

C1: The group plans to expand its activities to other countries.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Gruppe' translates to 'group' in English. It is a common word used to describe a collection of people or things that are considered together as a unit.

In German, the word 'Gruppe' can refer to various types of groups, such as social groups, work groups, study groups, or sports teams. It can also be used in a broader sense to denote categories or classifications.

The concept of 'Gruppe' plays an important role in German society and culture, as it reflects the value placed on community and collective identity. Whether it's forming a 'Gruppe' for a specific purpose or belonging to a larger 'Gruppe' like a family or organization, the notion of group cohesion is highly valued.

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