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Meaning: hair (on the human body)

Sie hat langes, blondes Haar.

She has long, blonde hair.

Meaning: strand of hair

Ich habe ein graues Haar entdeckt.

I discovered a gray strand of hair.

Meaning: hair (in general)

Haare wachsen aus den Haarfollikeln heraus.

Hair grows out of hair follicles.

Meaning: fur (on animals)

Der Hund hat weiches, braunes Haar.

The dog has soft, brown fur.

Meaning: (figuratively) a small amount

Das ist kein Haar in der Suppe.

That is not a problem at all.


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A1: Ich habe schwarze Haare.

A1: I have black hair.

A1: Sie hat lange Haare.

A1: She has long hair.

A1: Er hat kurze Haare.

A1: He has short hair.

B1: Meine Haare sind blond geworden, als ich älter wurde.

B1: My hair turned blonde as I got older.

B2: Wenn ich meine Haare wasche, benutze ich immer Shampoo und Conditioner.

B2: When I wash my hair, I always use shampoo and conditioner.

B2: Vor der Party werde ich meine Haare stylen lassen.

B2: Before the party, I will have my hair styled.

C1: Nachdem sie ihre Haare gefärbt hatte, sahen sie wunderschön aus.

C1: After she had dyed her hair, they looked beautiful.

C1: Um ihre Locken zu definieren, benutzt sie ein spezielles Haarprodukt.

C1: To define her curls, she uses a special hair product.

C2: Obwohl er schon graue Haare hat, sieht er immer noch sehr attraktiv aus.

C2: Although he already has gray hair, he still looks very attractive.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Haar' translates to 'hair' in English. It refers to the thin, thread-like strands that grow on the human scalp and other parts of the body.

In German culture, hair is often seen as an important aspect of one's appearance and can be a symbol of beauty. Many people take great care in styling and maintaining their hair, using various products and techniques to achieve different looks.

Additionally, 'Haar' can also refer to animal hair or fur. In this context, it is commonly used when talking about the coats of animals, such as dogs or cats.

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