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Meaning: head

Ich habe Kopfschmerzen, mein Haupt tut weh.

I have a headache, my head hurts.

Meaning: main

Das ist der Hauptgrund für das Problem.

That is the main reason for the problem.

Meaning: chief

Der Chef des Unternehmens ist sehr erfolgreich.

The chief of the company is very successful.

Meaning: capital

Berlin ist die Hauptstadt von Deutschland.

Berlin is the capital of Germany.

Meaning: primary

Die Hauptaufgabe besteht darin, Kunden zufriedenzustellen.

The primary task is to satisfy customers.


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A1: Das ist mein Haupt.

A1: This is my head.

A1: Ich habe Kopfschmerzen im Haupt.

A1: I have a headache in my head.

A1: Er hat ein großes Haupt.

A1: He has a big head.

B1: Der Hauptgewinn beträgt 10.000 Euro.

B1: The main prize amounts to 10,000 euros.

B1: Die Hauptstadt von Deutschland ist Berlin.

B1: The capital of Germany is Berlin.

B1: Der Film erzählt die Geschichte eines Hauptmanns im Krieg.

B1: The movie tells the story of a captain during the war.

C1: Der Hauptdarsteller spielt seine Rolle mit großer Leidenschaft.

C1: The main actor plays his role with great passion.

C1: Die Hauptursache für den Unfall war menschliches Versagen.

C1: The main cause of the accident was human error.

C1: Der Professor hat sich auf sein Hauptforschungsgebiet spezialisiert.

C1: The professor has specialized in his main research area.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Haupt' translates to 'head' or 'main' in English. It is a masculine noun and belongs to the declension type 'weak'.

In German, 'Haupt' can refer to the anatomical head of a person or animal, as well as the figurative concept of leadership or authority. It can also be used to describe the main part or central aspect of something.

For example, 'Hauptstadt' means capital city, where 'Haupt' denotes the primary or main city of a country. Similarly, 'Hauptbahnhof' refers to the main train station in a city.

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