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Haus is a German noun that translates to 'house' in English. It refers to a building structure that serves as a dwelling place for people or animals.

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Meaning: house, dwelling

Ich wohne in einem Haus.

I live in a house.

Meaning: company, firm

Mein Vater arbeitet für eine große Baufirma, die viele Häuser baut.

My father works for a large construction company that builds many houses.

Meaning: family line, dynasty

Die Habsburger waren eine der mächtigsten Herrscherfamilien Europas und regierten über viele Jahrhunderte hinweg.

The Habsburgs were one of the most powerful ruling families in Europe and ruled for many centuries.

Meaning: club, association

Ich bin Mitglied im örtlichen Schachhaus.

I am a member of the local chess club.


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Ich wohne in einem Haus.

I live in a house.

Das Haus hat einen großen Garten.

The house has a big garden.

Wir haben gestern ein neues Haus gekauft.

We bought a new house yesterday.

Das Haus wurde vor 100 Jahren gebaut.

The house was built 100 years ago.

Mein Vater renoviert das Haus gerade.

My father is currently renovating the house.

Wir werden nächstes Jahr ein größeres Haus kaufen.

We will buy a bigger house next year.

Das Haus, in dem ich aufgewachsen bin, steht immer noch dort.

The house I grew up in is still there.

Ich habe das Haus meiner Großeltern geerbt.

I inherited my grandparents' house.

Wenn ich viel Geld hätte, würde ich mir ein Schloss statt eines Hauses kaufen.

If I had a lot of money, I would buy a castle instead of a house.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, the concept of Haus holds significant cultural and social importance. Owning a house is often seen as a symbol of stability and success, and many Germans aspire to own their own homes. The architecture of houses in Germany varies depending on the region, with some areas having distinct styles such as Fachwerk (half-timbered) houses.

Haus can also refer to other types of buildings besides residential homes. For example, a Geschäftshaus is a commercial building used for businesses, while a Rathaus is a town hall used for administrative purposes. In addition, there are various idiomatic expressions in German that use the word Haus, such as 'das Haus rocken' which means to party hard.

Overall, the word Haus encompasses not only the physical structure of a building but also the emotional and cultural significance attached to it. It represents a place of shelter, security, and belonging, and plays an important role in shaping individual and collective identities.

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