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Meaning: heart (organ)

Das Herz pumpt das Blut durch den Körper.

The heart pumps the blood through the body.

Meaning: heart (symbol of love)

Sie schenkte ihm ihr Herz.

She gave him her heart.

Meaning: core (central part)

Der Kern des Problems liegt im Herzen der Angelegenheit.

The core of the problem lies at the heart of the matter.

Meaning: center (of a city or town)

Das Rathaus befindet sich im Herzen der Stadt.

The town hall is located in the heart of the city.

Meaning: compassion

Er hat ein großes Herz für Tiere.

He has a big heart for animals.


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A1: Mein Herz schlägt schnell.

My heart beats fast.

A1: Das Herz ist ein wichtiges Organ.

The heart is an important organ.

A1: Ich habe ein großes Herz für Tiere.

I have a big heart for animals.

B1: Sein Herz gehört einer anderen Frau.

His heart belongs to another woman.

B1: Sie hat ihr Herz an ihn verloren.

She has lost her heart to him.

B1: Er hat das Herz am rechten Fleck.

He has a kind heart.

C1: Nach dem Marathon war sein Herz erschöpft.

After the marathon, his heart was exhausted.

C1: Ihr Herz schmerzte vor Sehnsucht nach ihm.

Her heart ached with longing for him.

C1: Das Medikament stärkt das geschwächte Herz.

The medication strengthens the weakened heart.

Advanced Description

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The German noun "Herz" translates to "heart" in English. It refers to the muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body, supplying oxygen and nutrients to the tissues.

In addition to its physiological meaning, "Herz" is also used metaphorically to represent emotions, feelings, and love. It is often associated with expressions such as "Herzschmerz" (heartache) or "Herzenswunsch" (heart's desire).

Furthermore, "Herz" plays a significant role in cultural and symbolic contexts. It is commonly depicted as a symbol of love, compassion, and affection. The heart shape, resembling two rounded curves meeting at a point, is universally recognized as a representation of love and has become an iconic symbol worldwide.

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