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Meaning: sky

Der Himmel ist blau und wolkenlos.

The sky is blue and cloudless.

Meaning: heaven

Sie glaubt an ein Leben nach dem Tod im Himmel.

She believes in life after death in heaven.

Meaning: canopy

Die Bäume bilden einen grünen Himmel über uns.

The trees form a green canopy above us.

Meaning: ceiling

Der Himmel im Wohnzimmer ist mit Stuck verziert.

The ceiling in the living room is decorated with stucco.


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A1: Der Himmel ist blau.

The sky is blue.

A1: Die Vögel fliegen im Himmel.

The birds fly in the sky.

A2: Am Abend kann man die Sterne am Himmel sehen.

In the evening, you can see the stars in the sky.

B1: Der Himmel verdunkelte sich, als die Sonne unterging.

The sky darkened as the sun set.

B1: Wir haben den ganzen Tag am Strand gelegen und den blauen Himmel genossen.

We spent the whole day lying on the beach and enjoying the blue sky.

B2: Wenn es regnet, ziehen dunkle Wolken am Himmel auf.

When it rains, dark clouds gather in the sky.

C1: Der strahlend blaue Himmel bot einen wunderschönen Kontrast zu den grünen Wiesen.

The radiant blue sky provided a beautiful contrast to the green meadows.

C1: Bei klarem Wetter kann man mit einem Teleskop weit entfernte Galaxien am Himmel beobachten.

On clear weather, one can observe distant galaxies in the sky with a telescope.

C2: Nachts leuchteten die Sterne am Himmel in ihrer ganzen Pracht.

At night, the stars shone in all their glory in the sky.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Himmel' is a German noun that translates to 'sky' in English. It refers to the expanse of space above the Earth, where the sun, moon, stars, and clouds are located.

In German culture and language, the concept of 'Himmel' holds significant symbolism and meaning. It is often associated with notions of beauty, vastness, and transcendence. The sky is seen as a source of inspiration and wonder, representing freedom, spirituality, and the infinite possibilities of the universe.

The word 'Himmel' can also be used metaphorically to describe a state of happiness or bliss. For example, someone might say 'im siebten Himmel sein' (to be in seventh heaven) to express extreme joy or contentment.

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