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Meaning: yard

Die Kinder spielen im Hof.

The children are playing in the yard.

Meaning: court

Der Angeklagte wurde vor Gericht gestellt.

The defendant was brought before the court.

Meaning: farm

Mein Onkel hat eine große Hof.

My uncle has a large farm.

Meaning: palace

Der König lebte in einem prächtigen Hof.

The king lived in a magnificent palace.


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A1: Der Hof ist groß.

A1: The courtyard is big.

A1: Wir spielen im Hof.

A1: We play in the courtyard.

A1: Die Tiere sind auf dem Hof.

A1: The animals are on the farm.

B1: Meine Großeltern wohnen auf einem Bauernhof.

B1: My grandparents live on a farm.

B1: Der Hof wurde vor 100 Jahren gebaut.

B1: The courtyard was built 100 years ago.

B2: Ich habe den Hof sauber gemacht, bevor die Gäste kamen.

B2: I cleaned the courtyard before the guests arrived.

C1: Der Hofbesitzer hat das Land an seinen Sohn übergeben.

C1: The farm owner transferred the land to his son.

C1: Der Hof ist seit Generationen im Besitz der Familie.

C1: The farm has been owned by the family for generations.

C2: Nachdem er den Hof geerbt hatte, modernisierte er die gesamte Anlage.

C2: After inheriting the farm, he modernized the entire facility.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Hof' refers to a courtyard or an enclosed area surrounded by buildings. It can also mean a farm or an estate, typically with agricultural activities and buildings.

In rural areas, a Hof is often the central place where farming activities take place. It may include a farmhouse, barns, stables, and other structures necessary for agriculture.

In urban areas, a Hof can refer to a courtyard within a building complex, usually surrounded by residential or commercial buildings. These courtyards provide private outdoor space for residents or serve as communal areas.

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