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Holz is a German noun that translates to 'wood' in English. It refers to the hard, fibrous material that makes up the trunk, branches, and roots of trees and shrubs.

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Meaning: wood

Der Tisch ist aus Holz.

The table is made of wood.

Meaning: timber

Die Firma importiert Holz aus Kanada.

The company imports timber from Canada.

Meaning: firewood

Im Winter brauchen wir viel Holz zum Heizen.

In winter, we need a lot of firewood for heating.

Meaning: lumber

Der Bauarbeiter stapelte das Holz auf der Baustelle.

The construction worker stacked the lumber at the construction site.

Meaning: log

Ein großer Holzstamm blockiert die Straße.

A large log is blocking the road.


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A1: Ich habe Holz für das Feuer gesammelt.

A1: I collected wood for the fire.

A1: Der Tisch ist aus Holz.

A1: The table is made of wood.

A1: Die Kinder spielen mit den Holzklötzen.

A1: The children are playing with the wooden blocks.

B1: Das Holz wird zum Bau von Möbeln verwendet.

B1: The wood is used for building furniture.

B1: Er hat das Holz geschliffen, um es glatt zu machen.

B1: He sanded the wood to make it smooth.

B1: Wir haben genug Holz, um ein Feuer anzuzünden.

B1: We have enough wood to start a fire.

C1: Das Holz wurde in einem speziellen Verfahren behandelt, um es wetterfest zu machen.

C1: The wood was treated using a special process to make it weatherproof.

C1: Die alten Fachwerkhäuser sind aus massivem Eichenholz gebaut.

C1: The old half-timbered houses are built from solid oak wood.

C1: Der Künstler schnitzt kunstvolle Skulpturen aus Holz.

C1: The artist carves intricate sculptures out of wood.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, Holz has been an important natural resource for centuries. It has been used for building homes, making furniture, crafting tools and weapons, and even as a source of fuel for heating and cooking.

There are many different types of Holz, each with its own unique properties and uses. Some common varieties include oak, pine, beech, and birch. The quality of Holz can vary depending on factors such as age, growth conditions, and how it was harvested.

Today, there is growing concern about the sustainability of using Holz as a resource. Many countries have implemented regulations to ensure that forests are managed responsibly and that the use of Holz is sustainable for future generations.

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