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Meaning: dog

Der Hund spielt im Park.

The dog is playing in the park.

Meaning: hunting dog

Der Hund ist ein ausgezeichneter Jäger.

The hunting dog is an excellent hunter.

Meaning: male dog

Der Hund markiert sein Revier.

The male dog is marking his territory.

Meaning: generic term for a canine

Der Hund ist der beste Freund des Menschen.

The dog is man's best friend.


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A1: Der Hund ist braun.

The dog is brown.

A2: Ich habe einen kleinen Hund.

I have a small dog.

A2: Mein Hund bellt laut.

My dog barks loudly.

B1: Gestern bin ich mit meinem Hund spazieren gegangen.

Yesterday I went for a walk with my dog.

B2: Meine Nachbarin hat mir erzählt, dass ihr Hund krank ist.

My neighbor told me that her dog is sick.

B2: Wenn ich nach Hause komme, freut sich mein Hund immer sehr.

When I come home, my dog is always very happy.

C1: Seitdem ich meinen Hund habe, fühle ich mich weniger einsam.

Since I got my dog, I feel less lonely.

C1: Mein Hund kann viele Tricks wie Sitz, Platz und Pfote geben.

My dog can do many tricks like sit, lie down, and give paw.

C2: Obwohl mein Hund alt ist, ist er immer noch sehr verspielt.

Although my dog is old, he is still very playful.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Hund' is a German noun that translates to 'dog' in English. It refers to a domesticated carnivorous mammal that typically has a long snout, an acute sense of smell, and a barking or howling vocalization.

In German culture, dogs are highly regarded as loyal companions and are often kept as pets. They are known for their playful nature, intelligence, and ability to form strong bonds with humans.

The word 'Hund' can also be used more broadly to refer to any member of the Canidae family, which includes not only domesticated dogs but also wild species such as wolves and foxes.

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