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Idee is a German noun that translates to 'idea' in English. It refers to a thought or concept that comes to mind and can be used to solve a problem, create something new, or improve an existing situation.

Part of speech





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Meaning: idea

Ich habe eine Idee für ein neues Projekt.

I have an idea for a new project.

Meaning: concept

Das Konzept des Films ist wirklich interessant.

The concept of the movie is really interesting.

Meaning: thought

Er teilte seine Gedanken und Ideen mit uns.

He shared his thoughts and ideas with us.

Meaning: plan

Wir müssen einen genauen Plan für die Veranstaltung haben.

We need to have a detailed plan for the event.

Meaning: intention

Meine Idee war es, den Kunden zufriedenzustellen.

My intention was to satisfy the customer.


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A1: Ich habe eine Idee.

A1: I have an idea.

A2: Sie hat viele gute Ideen.

A2: She has many good ideas.

A2: Wir brauchen neue Ideen.

A2: We need new ideas.

B1: Er hat die Idee schon umgesetzt.

B1: He has already implemented the idea.

B2: Die Idee wird gerade diskutiert.

B2: The idea is currently being discussed.

B2: Ich hatte eine großartige Idee, aber ich habe sie vergessen.

B2: I had a great idea, but I forgot it.

C1: Die Idee wurde von vielen Menschen unterstützt.

C1: The idea was supported by many people.

C1: Wenn du die Idee weiterentwickeln möchtest, musst du hart arbeiten.

C1: If you want to develop the idea further, you have to work hard.

C2: Die Idee ist revolutionär und könnte die Welt verändern.

C2: The idea is revolutionary and could change the world.

Advanced Description

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In German culture, the concept of Idee is highly valued as it is seen as the foundation for innovation and progress. Many German companies prioritize creativity and encourage their employees to come up with new ideas to improve their products or services. This emphasis on Idee has contributed to Germany's reputation as a hub for technological advancement and scientific research.

The word Idee can also be used in philosophical discussions about the nature of ideas and how they relate to reality. For example, Immanuel Kant's Critique of Pure Reason explores the relationship between our ideas and the external world. In this context, Idee refers to a mental construct that we use to understand the world around us.

Overall, Idee is a versatile word that can be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you're discussing business strategies, artistic inspiration, or philosophical concepts, Idee is a useful term for expressing the notion of an idea or concept.

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