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Meaning: property

Er hat eine Immobilie geerbt.

He inherited a property.

Meaning: real estate

Der Markt für Immobilien ist derzeit sehr stark.

The real estate market is currently very strong.

Meaning: building

Das historische Gebäude ist eine denkmalgeschützte Immobilie.

The historical building is a listed building.

Meaning: investment

Sie betrachtet ihre Immobilie als langfristige Investition.

She considers her property as a long-term investment.


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A1: Ich habe eine Immobilie gekauft.

A1: I bought a property.

A2: Wir suchen eine Immobilie zur Miete.

A2: We are looking for a property to rent.

A2: Er hat seine Immobilie verkauft.

A2: He sold his property.

B1: Die Immobilienpreise sind in den letzten Jahren gestiegen.

B1: Property prices have risen in recent years.

B1: Sie möchte ihre Immobilie renovieren lassen.

B1: She wants to have her property renovated.

B2: Mein Vater hat vor fünf Jahren eine Immobilie geerbt.

B2: My father inherited a property five years ago.

B2: Der Verkauf der Immobilie wird nächste Woche abgeschlossen sein.

B2: The sale of the property will be completed next week.

C1: Die Immobilienblase könnte platzen und zu einem Preisverfall führen.

C1: The real estate bubble could burst and lead to a price decline.

C1: Es ist schwierig, eine geeignete Immobilie in der Innenstadt zu finden.

C1: It is difficult to find a suitable property in the city center.

C2: Der Immobilienmarkt boomt und es gibt viele Investitionsmöglichkeiten.

C2: The real estate market is booming and there are many investment opportunities.

Advanced Description

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An Immobilie is a German noun that refers to a property or real estate. It encompasses any type of land, building, or structure that is permanently attached to the ground.

In Germany, the term Immobilie is commonly used in legal and financial contexts. It is often associated with buying, selling, renting, or investing in properties. The concept of Immobilie plays a significant role in the German economy as it represents a valuable asset class and contributes to the overall wealth of individuals and businesses.

Understanding the term Immobilie is essential for anyone interested in the German real estate market or planning to engage in property transactions in Germany. Whether you are a buyer, seller, investor, or tenant, knowing the intricacies of Immobilie can help you navigate the legal and financial aspects of dealing with properties in Germany.

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