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Meaning: insect

Das Insekt fliegt durch die Luft.

The insect is flying through the air.

Meaning: bug

Es gibt einen kleinen grünen Käfer auf der Blume.

There is a small green bug on the flower.

Meaning: pest

Die Schädlinge haben den gesamten Garten befallen.

The pests have infested the entire garden.

Meaning: creepy-crawly

Ich mag keine krabbelnden Insekten.

I don't like creepy-crawly insects.


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A1: Das Insekt fliegt.

The insect is flying.

A2: Ich habe Angst vor Insekten.

I am afraid of insects.

A2: Die Kinder beobachten die Insekten im Garten.

The children are observing the insects in the garden.

B1: Gestern habe ich ein interessantes Buch über Insekten gelesen.

Yesterday I read an interesting book about insects.

B2: Die Wissenschaftler haben herausgefunden, dass einige Insekten Pflanzen bestäuben.

The scientists have found out that some insects pollinate plants.

B2: Wenn es regnet, verstecken sich die Insekten unter den Blättern.

When it rains, the insects hide under the leaves.

C1: Die Vielfalt der Insektenarten ist beeindruckend.

The diversity of insect species is impressive.

C1: Durch den Einsatz von Pestiziden werden viele Insektenarten bedroht.

Many species of insects are threatened by the use of pesticides.

C2: Insekten spielen eine wichtige Rolle im Ökosystem und sind für das Gleichgewicht der Natur unerlässlich.

Insects play an important role in the ecosystem and are essential for the balance of nature.

Advanced Description

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The word 'Insekt' is a German noun that translates to 'insect' in English. It refers to a small arthropod animal characterized by having a segmented body, six legs, and usually one or two pairs of wings. Insects are the most diverse group of animals on Earth, with over a million known species.

Insects play crucial roles in ecosystems as pollinators, decomposers, and as a food source for other animals. They can be found in almost every habitat on the planet, from forests to deserts, and from freshwater to marine environments. Insects have adapted to various ecological niches and exhibit a wide range of behaviors and feeding habits.

While some insects are beneficial to humans, such as honeybees that produce honey or ladybugs that prey on pests, others can be harmful as they may transmit diseases or damage crops. Insects have been studied extensively by scientists due to their ecological importance, economic impact, and potential for medical research.

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