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An instrument is a tool or device used to perform a specific task or achieve a particular purpose.

Part of speech





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Meaning: Musical instrument

Er spielt ein Instrument.

He plays an instrument.

Meaning: Tool

Der Chirurg benutzt verschiedene Instrumente.

The surgeon uses various instruments.

Meaning: Device

Das Mikroskop ist ein wichtiges Instrument in der Wissenschaft.

The microscope is an important instrument in science.

Meaning: Means

Sprache ist ein Instrument der Kommunikation.

Language is a means of communication.

Meaning: Implement

Der Schraubenzieher ist ein nützliches Instrument zum Reparieren.

The screwdriver is a useful implement for repairing.


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A1: Das Klavier ist ein Instrument.

The piano is an instrument.

A2: Ich spiele gerne ein Instrument.

I enjoy playing an instrument.

A2: Welches Instrument spielst du?

Which instrument do you play?

B1: Die Gitarre ist ein beliebtes Instrument.

The guitar is a popular instrument.

B1: Er hat seit Jahren das Schlagzeug als sein Hauptinstrument gespielt.

He has been playing the drums as his main instrument for years.

B2: Sie möchte ihr musikalisches Repertoire erweitern und ein neues Instrument lernen.

She wants to expand her musical repertoire and learn a new instrument.

C1: In der Orchesterprobe stimmte der Dirigent die Instrumente aufeinander ab.

In the orchestra rehearsal, the conductor tuned the instruments to each other.

C1: Der Pianist beherrscht sein Instrument perfekt und spielt mit großer Leidenschaft.

The pianist masters his instrument perfectly and plays with great passion.

C2: Die Solistin spielte das schwierige Stück virtuos auf ihrem Instrument.

The soloist played the difficult piece virtuosically on her instrument.

Advanced Description

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In the context of music, an instrument refers to a device that is used to create musical sounds. Instruments can be categorized into different types based on how they produce sound, such as string instruments (e.g., guitar, violin), wind instruments (e.g., flute, saxophone), percussion instruments (e.g., drums, xylophone), and electronic instruments (e.g., synthesizer, electric keyboard). Each type of instrument has its own unique characteristics and playing techniques.

In the field of science and technology, an instrument is a device designed to measure, observe, or analyze physical quantities or phenomena. Examples include microscopes for observing tiny objects, thermometers for measuring temperature, and spectrometers for analyzing the composition of substances. These instruments enable scientists and researchers to gather data and make accurate measurements in their respective fields.

In everyday life, we encounter various instruments that help us accomplish tasks more efficiently. For instance, kitchen utensils like knives, spoons, and pans are instruments used for cooking. Tools like hammers, screwdrivers, and drills are instruments used for construction and repairs. Instruments play a crucial role in enhancing human capabilities and improving the quality of our lives.

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