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Meaning: interest

Ich habe großes Interesse an Kunst.

I have a great interest in art.

Meaning: curiosity

Das weckt mein Interesse.

That piques my curiosity.

Meaning: concern

Es liegt mir am Herzen, mich für das Wohl anderer einzusetzen.

It is important to me to advocate for the well-being of others.

Meaning: desire

Ich habe kein Interesse daran, mit ihm zu arbeiten.

I have no desire to work with him.

Meaning: importance

Die Sicherheit hat oberste Priorität und steht im größten Interesse der Bevölkerung.

Safety is of utmost priority and is in the greatest interest of the population.


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A1: Ich habe Interesse an Musik.

A1: I am interested in music.

A1: Er hat großes Interesse an Sport.

A1: He has a great interest in sports.

A2: Sie zeigt kein Interesse an Büchern.

A2: She shows no interest in books.

B1: Das Thema weckt mein Interesse.

B1: The topic arouses my interest.

B1: Ich habe mich für Geschichte interessiert, als ich jung war.

B1: I was interested in history when I was young.

B2: Er wird sich bestimmt für das Projekt interessieren.

B2: He will definitely be interested in the project.

C1: Ihr Interesse an der Kunst ist unermesslich.

C1: Her interest in art is immeasurable.

C1: Die Forscherin hat ein tiefgehendes Interesse an der menschlichen Psyche entwickelt.

C1: The researcher has developed a profound interest in the human psyche.

C2: Sein leidenschaftliches Interesse für die Astronomie führte ihn zu einer erfolgreichen Karriere als Astrophysiker.

C2: His passionate interest in astronomy led him to a successful career as an astrophysicist.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Interesse' translates to 'interest' in English. It is derived from the Latin word 'interesse', which means 'to be between'. In German, 'Interesse' refers to a feeling of curiosity, concern, or attention towards something or someone.

In everyday usage, 'Interesse' can describe a person's fascination or attraction to a particular subject, hobby, or activity. It can also refer to the attention or importance given to something. For example, when someone says they have an 'Interesse' in learning a new language, it means they are interested in acquiring knowledge and skills in that language.

Additionally, 'Interesse' can be used in a more formal context, such as in business or legal matters. In these contexts, it can refer to a stake or financial interest in a company or property. It can also denote the interest charged on loans or investments.

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