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Jahr is a German noun that translates to 'year' in English. It refers to the period of time it takes for the Earth to complete one revolution around the sun, which is approximately 365.24 days.

Part of speech





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Meaning: year

Letztes Jahr habe ich meinen Abschluss gemacht.

Last year I graduated.

Meaning: age

Sie ist im gleichen Jahr wie ich geboren.

She was born in the same year as me.

Meaning: annual

Die Firma veröffentlicht jedes Jahr einen Geschäftsbericht.

The company publishes an annual report every year.

Meaning: crop

In diesem Jahr ist die Ernte besonders gut ausgefallen.

This year the harvest has been particularly good.

Meaning: era

Das war eine schwierige Zeit, aber auch ein Jahr des Wandels.

That was a difficult time, but also an era of change.


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A1: Ich habe im letzten Jahr meinen Abschluss gemacht.

A1: I graduated last year.

A1: Nächstes Jahr werde ich in den Urlaub fahren.

A1: Next year, I will go on vacation.

A2: Mein Bruder ist vor zwei Jahren nach Australien gezogen.

A2: My brother moved to Australia two years ago.

B1: Im vergangenen Jahr habe ich viel gereist und neue Kulturen kennengelernt.

B1: Last year, I traveled a lot and got to know new cultures.

B1: In den nächsten Jahren möchte ich meine Deutschkenntnisse verbessern.

B1: In the coming years, I want to improve my German skills.

B2: Seit einigen Jahren arbeite ich als Lehrer an einer Grundschule.

B2: I have been working as a teacher at an elementary school for several years.

C1: In den letzten zehn Jahren hat sich die Technologie rasant weiterentwickelt.

C1: In the past ten years, technology has developed rapidly.

C1: Vor fünf Jahren habe ich angefangen, regelmäßig Sport zu treiben.

C1: Five years ago, I started exercising regularly.

C2: In den kommenden Jahren wird sich die Weltbevölkerung voraussichtlich weiter erhöhen.

C2: In the coming years, the world population is expected to continue to increase.

Advanced Description

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In Germany, as in many other countries, the year is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Each season has its own unique characteristics and weather patterns. Spring is typically associated with new beginnings and growth, while summer is known for warm temperatures and outdoor activities. Autumn brings cooler weather and colorful foliage, while winter is often associated with snow and holiday celebrations.

The concept of a year has been important to humans throughout history. Many cultures have developed their own calendars based on the length of a year, including the Gregorian calendar used in much of the world today. The start of a new year is often celebrated with festivities and traditions, such as fireworks displays, parties, and resolutions for self-improvement.

In addition to its astronomical and cultural significance, Jahr can also be used in a more figurative sense to refer to a period of time or an era. For example, someone might say that they had a difficult year at work, meaning that they faced challenges or setbacks over the course of several months. Similarly, historians might use the term 'year' to describe a particular period in history, such as 'the year of the French Revolution.'

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