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Junge is a German noun that translates to 'boy' in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: boy

Der Junge spielt Fußball im Park.

The boy is playing soccer in the park.

Meaning: young man

Der Junge hat gerade sein Abitur gemacht und will jetzt studieren.

The young man just finished his high school diploma and wants to study now.

Meaning: lad

Der kleine Junge half seiner Mutter beim Einkaufen.

The little lad helped his mother with the shopping.

Meaning: son

Mein Junge ist schon erwachsen und hat eine eigene Familie.

My son is already an adult and has his own family.


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Der Junge spielt gerne Fußball.

The boy likes to play soccer.

Mein kleiner Bruder ist noch ein Junge.

My little brother is still a boy.

Die Mutter umarmte ihren Jungen.

The mother hugged her son.

Der Junge hat gestern eine Schulaufgabe geschrieben.

The boy wrote a test yesterday.

Ich habe den Jungen schon oft im Park gesehen.

I have seen the boy many times in the park.

Als der Junge älter wurde, interessierte er sich mehr für Musik.

As the boy got older, he became more interested in music.

Der Junge wird bald seinen Schulabschluss machen.

The boy will soon graduate from school.

Ich frage mich, was aus dem Jungen geworden ist, den ich früher kannte.

I wonder what happened to the boy I knew before.

Obwohl der Junge sehr begabt war, hatte er Schwierigkeiten in der Schule.

Although the boy was very talented, he had difficulties in school.

Advanced Description

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In German, Junge refers specifically to a male child or adolescent. It is commonly used to describe a young male who has not yet reached adulthood.

The word Junge can also be used in various contexts such as in literature, film, and music. For example, the famous novel 'Der Junge im gestreiften Pyjama' by John Boyne tells the story of a young boy during the Holocaust. Additionally, there are many German songs that use the word Junge in their lyrics.

It's important to note that while Junge is a gendered noun, it does not necessarily imply any specific gender roles or stereotypes. Rather, it simply denotes the male sex of the person being referred to.

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