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Meaning: fight

Der Kampf zwischen den beiden Boxern war hart.

The fight between the two boxers was tough.

Meaning: struggle

Die Familie kämpft mit finanziellen Problemen.

The family is struggling with financial problems.

Meaning: battle

Der Kampf um die Unabhängigkeit war lang und blutig.

The battle for independence was long and bloody.

Meaning: combat

Die Soldaten waren bereit, in den Kampf zu ziehen.

The soldiers were ready to go into combat.

Meaning: conflict

Der Kampf zwischen den beiden rivalisierenden Banden eskalierte schnell.

The conflict between the two rival gangs escalated quickly.


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A1: Der Kampf war hart.

A1: The fight was tough.

A1: Sie kämpfen um ihr Leben.

A1: They are fighting for their lives.

A2: Der Kampf gegen die Armut ist wichtig.

A2: The fight against poverty is important.

B1: Er hat den Kampf gewonnen.

B1: He won the fight.

B1: Die beiden Boxer kämpften verbissen gegeneinander.

B1: The two boxers fought fiercely against each other.

B2: Nach einem langen Kampf gab er auf.

B2: After a long struggle, he gave up.

C1: Die politischen Parteien führen einen erbitterten Kampf um die Wählerstimmen.

C1: The political parties are engaged in a fierce battle for the votes of the people.

C1: Im Laufe der Geschichte haben viele Menschen für ihre Rechte gekämpft.

C1: Throughout history, many people have fought for their rights.

C2: Trotz aller Hindernisse setzt sie ihren Kampf für Gerechtigkeit fort.

C2: Despite all obstacles, she continues her fight for justice.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Kampf' is a German noun that translates to 'battle' or 'fight' in English. It refers to a physical or verbal struggle between two or more individuals or groups, often with the aim of achieving a specific goal or overcoming an obstacle.

In German history, the term 'Kampf' has been associated with various significant events and movements. For example, 'Der Kampf' (The Struggle) was the title of Adolf Hitler's autobiographical manifesto, in which he outlined his political ideology and goals for Germany. The book played a crucial role in shaping Nazi propaganda and the subsequent rise of the Third Reich.

Furthermore, 'Kampf' is also used metaphorically in everyday language to describe personal struggles, such as the fight against addiction, discrimination, or injustice. It can represent the determination and resilience needed to overcome challenges and achieve success.

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