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Meaning: cat

Die Katze spielt mit einem Ball.

The cat is playing with a ball.

Meaning: female cat

Die Katze wurde gerade Mutter von fünf Kätzchen.

The female cat just gave birth to five kittens.

Meaning: bobcat

Der Jäger hat eine Katze in den Wäldern gesichtet.

The hunter spotted a bobcat in the woods.

Meaning: caterpillar

Die Raupe verwandelt sich in eine Katze.

The caterpillar transforms into a chrysalis.

Meaning: whisker

Die Katze hat lange, weiße Katzenhaare an ihren Schnurrhaaren.

The cat has long white whiskers on its muzzle.


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A1: Die Katze ist schwarz.

The cat is black.

A1: Ich habe eine Katze als Haustier.

I have a cat as a pet.

A2: Meine Schwester liebt Katzen.

My sister loves cats.

B1: Die Katze jagt gerne Mäuse.

The cat likes to chase mice. (Simple Present)

B1: Gestern hat die Katze einen Vogel gefangen.

Yesterday the cat caught a bird. (Simple Past)

B2: Seitdem ich die Katze habe, bin ich glücklicher geworden.

Since I got the cat, I have become happier. (Present Perfect)

C1: Die Katze wird von vielen Menschen als unabhängiges Tier angesehen.

The cat is considered an independent animal by many people. (Simple Future)

C1: Wenn ich in den Urlaub fahre, lasse ich meine Katze bei einer Freundin.

When I go on vacation, I leave my cat with a friend. (Present Subjunctive II)

C2: Die Katze hatte sich unter dem Bett versteckt, bevor der Sturm losbrach.

The cat had hidden under the bed before the storm broke out. (Past Perfect)

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A 'Katze' is a German noun that translates to 'cat' in English. It refers to a small, domesticated carnivorous mammal that is often kept as a pet.

Cats are known for their independent and curious nature. They have sharp retractable claws, keen senses, and a flexible body, which allows them to climb trees and move with agility. Cats are also known for their grooming habits, as they spend a significant amount of time cleaning themselves.

In many cultures, cats are considered symbols of mystery, magic, and independence. They have been domesticated for thousands of years and can be found in various breeds and colors. Cats are popular pets worldwide and are valued for their companionship and ability to catch rodents.

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