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Meaning: class (group of students)

Die Klasse hat heute eine Exkursion ins Museum.

The class is going on a field trip to the museum today.

Meaning: class (category)

Dieses Auto gehört zur Luxusklasse.

This car belongs to the luxury class.

Meaning: class (quality or distinction)

Er ist ein Spieler der Spitzenklasse.

He is a top-class player.

Meaning: class (social rank)

Sie stammt aus einer wohlhabenden Klasse.

She comes from an affluent class.

Meaning: class (mathematics)

In der Mathematik lernen wir gerade über Mengen und Klassen.

In mathematics, we are currently learning about sets and classes.


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A1: Ich gehe in die Klasse.

A1: I go to class.

A1: Die Klasse beginnt um acht Uhr.

A1: Class starts at eight o'clock.

A1: In meiner Klasse sind viele Schüler.

A1: There are many students in my class.

B1: Meine Klasse hat heute einen Ausflug gemacht.

B1: My class went on a field trip today.

B1: Wir haben in der Klasse über das Thema diskutiert.

B1: We discussed the topic in class.

B1: Die Klasse hat eine Präsentation vorbereitet.

B1: The class prepared a presentation.

C1: In unserer Klasse wird viel Wert auf Teamarbeit gelegt.

C1: Our class emphasizes teamwork.

C1: Die Klasse hat sich für den Wettbewerb qualifiziert.

C1: The class qualified for the competition.

C1: Der Lehrer gestaltet den Unterricht in seiner Klasse sehr abwechslungsreich.

C1: The teacher makes the lessons in his class very varied.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'Klasse' in German translates to 'class' in English. It is a feminine noun and belongs to the third declension. In German grammar, nouns can have different genders (masculine, feminine, or neuter) and their forms can change depending on the case (nominative, accusative, dative, or genitive). 'Klasse' is used to refer to a group of students who are taught together by a teacher.

In Germany, the education system is divided into different levels, and each level has its own 'Klasse'. For example, Grundschule (primary school) has four grades or 'Klassen', while Gymnasium (secondary school) has several 'Klassen' for each grade. The word 'Klasse' can also be used more generally to describe a group or category of things that share similar characteristics or qualities.

Additionally, 'Klasse' can also be used to describe something as excellent or outstanding. In this context, it is often used as an adjective to express admiration or approval. For example, if someone says 'Das ist echt klasse!', it means 'That's really great!' or 'That's awesome!'

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