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Meaning: colony

Die Kolonie wurde im Jahr 1800 gegründet.

The colony was founded in the year 1800.

Meaning: settlement

Die deutsche Kolonie in Amerika wuchs schnell.

The German settlement in America grew rapidly.

Meaning: colony (biology)

Die Ameisenkolonie besteht aus Tausenden von Individuen.

The ant colony consists of thousands of individuals.

Meaning: colony (medical)

Der Patient hatte eine Kolonie von Bakterien in seinem Darm.

The patient had a colony of bacteria in his intestine.


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A1: Meine Familie und ich leben in einer kleinen Kolonie.

My family and I live in a small colony.

A1: Die Ameisen bauen eine große Kolonie im Garten.

The ants are building a large colony in the garden.

A1: Die Kolonie besteht aus vielen Häusern.

The colony consists of many houses.

B1: Die deutsche Kolonie wurde im Jahr 1884 gegründet.

The German colony was established in 1884.

B1: Viele Menschen wanderten in die Kolonie aus.

Many people emigrated to the colony.

B1: Die Kolonie hat sich im Laufe der Zeit verändert.

The colony has changed over time.

C1: Die ehemalige Kolonie ist heute ein unabhängiges Land.

The former colony is now an independent country.

C1: In der Kolonie herrschte ein strenges Regime.

There was a strict regime in the colony.

C1: Die Kolonie wurde von den Einheimischen zurückerobert.

The colony was recaptured by the locals.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Kolonie' translates to 'colony' in English. It refers to a group of people who settle in a foreign land and establish a community that is connected to their home country.

In the context of history, the term 'Kolonie' often refers to the overseas territories that European powers colonized during the Age of Exploration and colonialism. These colonies were established for various reasons, including economic exploitation, political control, and religious missions.

Today, the concept of 'Kolonie' can also be applied to other types of settlements or communities. For example, there are agricultural colonies where groups of farmers live and work together, as well as cultural colonies where expatriates maintain strong ties with their native culture while living abroad.

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