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Meaning: war

Der Krieg hat viele Opfer gefordert.

The war has claimed many victims.

Meaning: conflict

Es herrscht ein Krieg zwischen den beiden Parteien.

There is a conflict between the two parties.

Meaning: battle

Die Soldaten kämpfen tapfer in diesem Krieg.

The soldiers are fighting bravely in this battle.

Meaning: struggle

Der Krieg gegen die Armut ist noch nicht gewonnen.

The struggle against poverty is not yet won.

Meaning: fight

Er führt einen persönlichen Krieg gegen seine inneren Dämonen.

He is fighting a personal war against his inner demons.


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A1: Der Krieg ist schrecklich.

A1: The war is terrible.

A1: Mein Großvater hat im Krieg gekämpft.

A1: My grandfather fought in the war.

A1: Die Menschen wollen keinen Krieg.

A1: People don't want war.

B1: Nach dem Krieg wurde die Stadt wiederaufgebaut.

B1: After the war, the city was rebuilt.

B1: Viele Soldaten sind im Krieg gestorben.

B1: Many soldiers died in the war.

B2: Während des Krieges gab es viele Verletzte.

B2: There were many casualties during the war.

C1: Der Krieg brach im Jahr 1939 aus.

C1: The war broke out in 1939.

C1: Die Auswirkungen des Krieges waren verheerend.

C1: The effects of the war were devastating.

C2: Der Krieg hinterließ eine tiefe Wunde in der Gesellschaft.

C2: The war left a deep wound in society.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Krieg' translates to 'war' in English. It refers to a state of armed conflict between two or more nations or groups, typically involving violence, destruction, and loss of life.

Historically, Germany has been involved in several major wars, including World War I and World War II. These conflicts had significant global impact and resulted in immense devastation and loss of human lives. The word 'Krieg' carries a heavy historical weight in Germany due to its association with these devastating events.

In contemporary usage, 'Krieg' is also used metaphorically to describe non-physical conflicts or struggles. For example, it can refer to an intense competition or rivalry between individuals or organizations. Additionally, the term 'Krieg' is often used in expressions and idioms to convey the idea of conflict or hostility.

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