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Meaning: ball

Der Junge spielt mit einer Kugel.

The boy is playing with a ball.

Meaning: sphere

Die Kugel rollt den Hügel hinunter.

The sphere rolls down the hill.

Meaning: bullet

Der Soldat feuerte eine Kugel ab.

The soldier fired a bullet.

Meaning: orb

Die Kugel schwebte über dem Tisch.

The orb floated above the table.

Meaning: ice cream scoop

Ich hätte gerne zwei Kugeln Schokoladeneis.

I would like two scoops of chocolate ice cream.


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Ich habe eine Kugel Eis gekauft.

I bought a scoop of ice cream.

Die Kinder spielen mit einer Kugel im Park.

The children are playing with a ball in the park.

Er hat eine Kugel ins Tor geschossen.

He shot a ball into the goal.

Der Billardspieler stieß die Kugel mit viel Kraft an.

The billiard player hit the ball with a lot of force.

Die Bowlingkugel rollte langsam auf die Pins zu.

The bowling ball slowly rolled towards the pins.

Sie warf die Kugel hoch in die Luft und fing sie wieder auf.

She threw the ball high into the air and caught it again.

Der Golfer schlug die Kugel präzise auf das Grün.

The golfer hit the ball precisely onto the green.

Die Tischtennisspielerin schmetterte die Kugel über das Netz.

The table tennis player smashed the ball over the net.

Der Basketballspieler dribbelte mit der Kugel um seine Gegner herum.

The basketball player dribbled around his opponents with the ball.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'Kugel' is a German noun that translates to 'ball' or 'sphere' in English. It refers to a three-dimensional geometric shape that is perfectly round and symmetrical.

In everyday usage, 'Kugel' can also refer to various objects that have a spherical shape, such as a ball used in sports or games, a marble, or even a bullet.

Furthermore, 'Kugel' has cultural significance in Germany and Austria, particularly during the holiday season. In these regions, 'Kugel' is commonly used to describe the decorative glass or plastic balls that are hung on Christmas trees.

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