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Meaning: course

Ich besuche einen Deutschkurs.

I am attending a German course.

Meaning: rate

Der Wechselkurs des Euros zum Dollar ist heute sehr gut.

The exchange rate of the Euro to the Dollar is very good today.

Meaning: trend

Die Aktienkurse steigen seit Wochen kontinuierlich an.

The stock prices have been steadily rising for weeks.

Meaning: class

In der Schule habe ich einen Mathe-Kurs.

In school, I have a math class.

Meaning: direction

Der Kurs des Schiffes änderte sich plötzlich.

The course of the ship suddenly changed.


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Ich besuche einen Deutschkurs.

A1: I am attending a German course.

A1: Der Kurs beginnt um 9 Uhr.

A1: The course starts at 9 o'clock.

A2: Mein Freund macht einen Kochkurs.

A2: My friend is taking a cooking course.

B1: Ich habe den Kurs erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

B1: I have successfully completed the course.

B1: In diesem Kurs lernen wir die Grundlagen der Programmierung.

B1: In this course, we learn the basics of programming.

B2: Nächste Woche werde ich an einem Intensivkurs teilnehmen.

B2: Next week, I will participate in an intensive course.

C1: Der Kurs hat meine Fähigkeiten erheblich verbessert.

C1: The course has significantly improved my skills.

C1: Die Teilnehmer des Kurses haben unterschiedliche Hintergründe und Erfahrungen.

C1: The participants of the course have different backgrounds and experiences.

C2: Nach Abschluss des Kurses erhalten Sie ein Zertifikat.

C2: After completing the course, you will receive a certificate.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Kurs' translates to 'course' in English. It refers to a series of lessons or lectures that are designed to teach a particular subject or skill.

In Germany, Kurse can be found in various educational settings, such as schools, universities, and language institutes. They cover a wide range of topics, including language courses, art classes, cooking workshops, and professional development programs.

Kurse can have different durations, from short-term intensive courses that last a few weeks to long-term programs that span several months or even years. Some Kurse may require participants to pass exams or complete assignments to receive certification or credit.

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