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Meaning: storage

Ich habe meine Winterkleidung im Lager.

I have stored my winter clothes in the storage.

Meaning: camp

Wir haben ein Lager am See aufgeschlagen.

We have set up a camp by the lake.

Meaning: stock

Das Lager ist voll mit Lebensmitteln.

The stock is full of food.

Meaning: warehouse

Die Firma hat ein großes Lager für ihre Produkte.

The company has a large warehouse for their products.

Meaning: beer

Im Biergarten gibt es verschiedene Sorten Lager.

In the beer garden, there are different types of lager.


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A1: Ich kaufe ein Lager Bier.

A1: I'm buying a Lager beer.

A1: Das Lager ist voll mit Lebensmitteln.

A1: The storage is full of food.

A1: Wir gehen ins Lager, um die Vorräte zu überprüfen.

A1: We're going to the storage to check the supplies.

B1: Das Unternehmen hat ein großes Lager für seine Produkte.

B1: The company has a large warehouse for its products.

B1: Die Waren werden im Lager sortiert und verpackt.

B1: The goods are sorted and packed in the warehouse.

B2: Das Lager wurde vor kurzem renoviert und modernisiert.

B2: The warehouse was recently renovated and modernized.

C1: Im Lager herrscht reger Betrieb, da viele Bestellungen bearbeitet werden müssen.

C1: There is a lot of activity in the warehouse as many orders need to be processed.

C1: Das Unternehmen plant, ein neues automatisiertes Hochregallager zu bauen.

C1: The company plans to build a new automated high-bay warehouse.

C2: Durch effizientes Lagermanagement konnte der Umsatz gesteigert werden.

C2: Efficient warehouse management has led to an increase in revenue.

Advanced Description

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The word "Lager" is a German noun that refers to a type of beer that is fermented and conditioned at low temperatures. It is known for its clean, crisp taste and light golden color. Lager is the most popular style of beer worldwide and is commonly enjoyed in countries such as Germany, the United States, and Japan.

In addition to being a type of beer, "Lager" can also refer to a storage area or warehouse where goods are stored. This usage of the word is derived from the German verb "lagern", which means "to store". Lagers are often used by businesses to store products before they are distributed or sold.

Furthermore, "Lager" can be used in a historical context to refer to concentration camps that were established during World War II. These camps were used by the Nazis to imprison and exterminate millions of people, primarily Jews. The term "Lager" is associated with the atrocities committed during this dark period of history.

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