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Land is a German noun that refers to a geographic region or country.

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Meaning: country

Deutschland ist ein Land in Europa.

Germany is a country in Europe.

Meaning: land (as opposed to water)

Das Schiff erreichte das Land nach einer langen Reise über das Meer.

The ship reached the land after a long journey over the sea.

Meaning: state (of a nation)

Die politische Lage im Land ist momentan sehr instabil.

The political situation in the state is currently very unstable.

Meaning: territory

Dieses Gebiet gehört zum Land der Ureinwohner.

This area belongs to the territory of the indigenous people.

Meaning: ground (for farming or building)

Der Bauer bestellte sein Land und pflanzte Kartoffeln an.

The farmer cultivated his land and planted potatoes.


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A1: Ich wohne in einem Land.

I live in a country.

A2: Das Land ist sehr groß.

The country is very big.

A2: Ich möchte verschiedene Länder besuchen.

I would like to visit different countries.

B1: In welchem Land bist du geboren?

In which country were you born?

B2: Wir haben das Land bereist und viele interessante Orte besucht.

We traveled through the country and visited many interesting places.

B2: Die Regierung hat beschlossen, das Land zu modernisieren.

The government has decided to modernize the country.

C1: Die Wirtschaft des Landes ist stark von der Exportindustrie abhängig.

The country's economy is heavily dependent on the export industry.

C2: Nach dem Krieg wurde das Land wieder aufgebaut und blühte schließlich auf.

After the war, the country was rebuilt and eventually flourished.

C2: Der Präsident des Landes traf sich mit den Staatschefs anderer Länder, um über internationale Angelegenheiten zu diskutieren.

The president of the country met with the heads of state of other countries to discuss international affairs.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In German, the word Land can be used to refer to a specific geographic region or area such as Bavaria or Saxony. It can also be used to refer to a country in general, such as Deutschland (Germany).

The word Land has a long history in German culture and language. It was originally used to refer to a piece of land or property, but over time its meaning expanded to include larger regions and eventually entire countries.

Today, the word Land is commonly used in political and cultural contexts in Germany. For example, the Bundesländer (federal states) are the individual states that make up Germany, each with their own unique culture and traditions.

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