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Meaning: truck

Der Lastwagen transportiert schwere Güter.

The truck transports heavy goods.

Meaning: lorry

Der Lastwagen liefert die Waren an den Supermarkt.

The lorry delivers the goods to the supermarket.

Meaning: semi-trailer

Der Lastwagen zieht einen großen Anhänger hinter sich her.

The semi-trailer pulls a large trailer behind it.


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A1: Der Lastwagen ist groß.

A1: The truck is big.

A2: Ich sehe einen Lastwagen auf der Straße.

A2: I see a truck on the street.

A2: Der Lastwagen fährt langsam.

A2: The truck is driving slowly.

B1: Der Lastwagen hat gestern eine lange Strecke zurückgelegt.

B1: The truck covered a long distance yesterday.

B1: Die Firma wird nächstes Jahr neue Lastwagen kaufen.

B1: The company will buy new trucks next year.

B2: Der Lastwagenfahrer hatte den Unfall verursacht.

B2: The truck driver caused the accident.

C1: Es wäre besser, wenn du den Lastwagen nicht überladen würdest.

C1: It would be better if you didn't overload the truck.

C1: Der Lastwagen war mit wertvoller Fracht beladen.

C1: The truck was loaded with valuable cargo.

C2: Nach dem Unfall musste der beschädigte Lastwagen abgeschleppt werden.

C2: After the accident, the damaged truck had to be towed away.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "Lastwagen" is a German noun that translates to "truck" in English. It is derived from the words "lasten", meaning "to load", and "wagen", meaning "vehicle". Therefore, a Lastwagen can be understood as a vehicle designed for carrying or transporting heavy loads.

In Germany, Lastwagen are commonly used for various purposes such as transporting goods, construction materials, or waste. They come in different sizes and configurations, ranging from small delivery trucks to large articulated lorries. Lastwagen play a crucial role in the logistics industry and are essential for the transportation of goods across the country.

When driving a Lastwagen, special licenses and training are required due to their size and weight. Additionally, Lastwagen are subject to specific regulations regarding maximum load capacity, speed limits, and safety standards. These regulations ensure the safe operation of Lastwagen on German roads and highways.

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