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Licht is a German noun that refers to the natural or artificial illumination of an environment.

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Meaning: light (as in illumination)

Das Licht in meinem Zimmer ist zu schwach.

The light in my room is too weak.

Meaning: light (as in weight)

Dieses Gepäckstück ist sehr leicht.

This piece of luggage is very light.

Meaning: light (as in color)

Ich mag das Lichtblau dieser Wandfarbe.

I like the light blue of this wall color.

Meaning: light (as in signal)

Die Ampel zeigt grünes Licht.

The traffic light shows green.

Meaning: light (as in understanding)

Er hat endlich ein Licht aufgehen lassen und versteht jetzt die Aufgabe.

He finally had a lightbulb moment and now understands the task.


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Das Licht ist sehr hell.

The light is very bright.

Ich habe das Licht ausgemacht.

I turned off the light.

Kannst du bitte das Licht anmachen?

Can you please turn on the light?

Das Licht in der Stadt ist wunderschön.

The lighting in the city is beautiful.

Er hat das Licht gedimmt, um eine gemütliche Atmosphäre zu schaffen.

He dimmed the lights to create a cozy atmosphere.

Wir haben uns im Dunkeln mit dem Handylicht orientiert.

We used our phone lights to navigate in the dark.

Das Lichtspektrum kann mit einem Prisma sichtbar gemacht werden.

The spectrum of light can be made visible with a prism.

Die Sonne strahlte grell und blendete mich mit ihrem Licht.

The sun shone brightly and blinded me with its light.

In der Fotografie spielt das richtige Licht eine wichtige Rolle.

In photography, proper lighting plays an important role.

Advanced Description

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In German, Licht is a commonly used word that can refer to any type of light source. It can be used to describe both natural and artificial light, such as sunlight, moonlight, or the light emitted from lamps or light bulbs. The word Licht is often used in everyday conversation when discussing lighting conditions or when referring to different types of lighting fixtures.

The concept of Licht has been explored in various fields, including physics, psychology, and art. In physics, Licht is used to describe electromagnetic radiation that is visible to the human eye. In psychology, Licht is associated with mood and emotions, as studies have shown that exposure to certain types of light can affect a person's well-being. In art, Licht has been used as a symbol for enlightenment or spiritual awakening.

In addition to its literal meaning, the word Licht can also be used metaphorically in German. For example, it can be used to describe someone who brings light into a situation or who has a positive impact on others. Similarly, the phrase 'ins rechte Licht rücken' (to put something in the right light) is often used to describe presenting something in a favorable way.

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