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Meaning: song

Sie singt ein Lied.

She is singing a song.

Meaning: poem

Er schrieb ein trauriges Lied.

He wrote a sad poem.

Meaning: composition

Das Lied wurde von Mozart komponiert.

The composition was composed by Mozart.

Meaning: melody

Die Melodie dieses Liedes ist sehr eingängig.

The melody of this song is very catchy.

Meaning: ballad

Das Lied erzählt eine traurige Ballade.

The song tells a sad ballad.


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A1: Ich höre gerne Lieder.

A1: I like listening to songs.

A1: Das Lied ist schön.

A1: The song is beautiful.

A1: Singst du gerne Lieder?

A1: Do you like singing songs?

B1: Er hat ein trauriges Lied geschrieben.

B1: He has written a sad song.

B1: Sie singt das Lied seit Jahren.

B1: She has been singing the song for years.

B2: Ich werde das Lied auf der Gitarre spielen.

B2: I will play the song on the guitar.

B2: Hast du das neue Lied schon gehört?

B2: Have you already heard the new song?

C1: Die Band hat ihr bekanntestes Lied gespielt.

C1: The band played their most famous song.

C1: In diesem Konzert werden sie viele ihrer alten Lieder singen.

C1: In this concert, they will sing many of their old songs.

C2: Nachdem sie das Lied komponiert hatte, wurde es ein großer Erfolg.

C2: After she composed the song, it became a great success.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Lied' translates to 'song' in English. It refers to a musical composition that is typically sung by a human voice, often accompanied by instruments. Lieder (plural form of Lied) have been an important part of Western classical music for centuries, with composers like Franz Schubert and Robert Schumann being renowned for their contributions to the genre.

In German culture, Lieder hold a significant place as they are considered a form of artistic expression. They can convey various emotions and themes, ranging from love and nature to politics and social issues. Lieder are often performed in recitals or concerts, allowing singers to showcase their vocal skills and interpretation of the music.

Lieder can be found in different styles and forms, such as art songs, folk songs, and popular songs. They can be composed in various languages, but the term 'Lied' specifically refers to German songs. The lyrics of Lieder are usually poetic and meaningful, adding depth and storytelling to the musical composition.

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