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Linie is a German noun that translates to 'line' in English. It refers to a long, narrow mark or stroke on a surface, which can be straight or curved.

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Meaning: line (as in a straight or curved mark)

Ich zeichne eine Linie auf das Papier.

I am drawing a line on the paper.

Meaning: line (as in a route or path)

Die U-Bahn-Linie 2 fährt direkt zum Hauptbahnhof.

The subway line 2 goes directly to the main train station.

Meaning: line (as in a series of connected people or things)

Es gibt eine lange Schlange vor dem Kino.

There is a long line in front of the cinema.

Meaning: line (as in a telephone or communication connection)

Ich kann dich nicht hören, die Leitung ist gestört.

I can't hear you, the line is disrupted.

Meaning: line (as in a boundary or limit)

Die Grenze zwischen den beiden Ländern wird von einem Fluss gebildet.

The border between the two countries is formed by a river.


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A1: Die Linie auf dem Papier ist gerade.

The line on the paper is straight.

A1: Ich fahre mit der Linie 5 zur Arbeit.

I take the number 5 line to work.

A2: Kannst du bitte eine Linie unter das Wort ziehen?

Can you please draw a line under the word?

B1: Die U-Bahn-Linie 3 wurde wegen Bauarbeiten unterbrochen.

The subway line 3 was interrupted due to construction work.

B1: Die Firma hat ihre Produktlinie erweitert.

The company has expanded its product line.

B2: Der Spieler zog eine Linie und schoss den Ball ins Tor.

The player drew a line and shot the ball into the goal.

C1: Die politische Linie der Partei hat sich in den letzten Jahren stark verändert.

The political line of the party has changed significantly in recent years.

C1: Der Künstler zeichnete eine Linie auf die Leinwand und begann dann zu malen.

The artist drew a line on the canvas and then began to paint.

C2: Die Linienführung des Gebäudes ist sehr interessant und einzigartig.

The line design of the building is very interesting and unique.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In everyday language, Linie can refer to various types of lines, such as those drawn on paper or painted on roads. In mathematics and geometry, it has a more specific meaning, denoting a straight or curved continuous extent of length without breadth. This definition is also used in physics and engineering when referring to lines of force or magnetic fields.

In transportation, Linie is often used to describe bus or train routes. For example, the U-Bahn in Berlin has several different Linien (lines) that connect different parts of the city. Similarly, shipping companies may have different Linien for their vessels that travel between ports around the world.

The word Linie can also be used metaphorically to describe a sequence or progression of events or ideas. For instance, someone might say that there is a Linie of thought connecting two seemingly unrelated concepts. In this sense, Linie implies a logical connection between things that might not be immediately obvious.

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