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Macht is a German noun that translates to power or authority in English.

Part of speech





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Meaning: power

Die politische Macht liegt beim Präsidenten.

The political power lies with the president.

Meaning: ability

Sie hat die Macht, Menschen zu beeinflussen.

She has the ability to influence people.

Meaning: force

Die Naturgewalten haben eine immense Macht.

The forces of nature have immense power.

Meaning: authority

Der Richter hat die Macht, Urteile zu fällen.

The judge has the authority to make judgments.

Meaning: control

Er möchte die volle Macht über das Unternehmen haben.

He wants to have full control over the company.


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A1: Die Macht der Sonne ist sehr stark.

The power of the sun is very strong.

A1: Er hat die Macht über das Unternehmen.

He has control over the company.

A1: Sie üben ihre Macht aus.

They exercise their power.

B1: Die politische Macht hat sich in den letzten Jahren verändert.

Political power has changed in recent years.

B1: Die Regierung versucht, ihre Macht zu erhalten.

The government is trying to maintain its power.

B1: Die Machtverhältnisse haben sich verschoben.

The balance of power has shifted.

C1: Die Machthaber missbrauchen ihre Macht, um das Volk zu unterdrücken.

The rulers abuse their power to oppress the people.

C1: Die Machtelite kontrolliert die Wirtschaft des Landes.

The power elite controls the country's economy.

C1: Der Aufstieg zur Macht erfordert strategisches Denken und Durchsetzungsvermögen.

Rising to power requires strategic thinking and assertiveness.

Advanced Description

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In German, Macht can refer to both physical and political power. It can be used to describe the power of an individual, group, or institution over others. This can include the power to make decisions, enforce laws, or control resources.

The concept of Macht has played a significant role in German history and politics. During the Nazi regime, for example, the idea of Macht was central to their ideology of Aryan supremacy and domination over other nations. Today, discussions around Macht often center on issues of social justice and equality.

Understanding the nuances of Macht is important for anyone interested in German culture or politics. It is a complex concept that touches on issues of power dynamics, ethics, and social structures. By exploring the different ways in which Macht is used and understood, we can gain a deeper understanding of the forces that shape our world.

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