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Meaning: corn

Der Bauer hat Mais auf seinem Feld angebaut.

The farmer has grown corn in his field.

Meaning: maize

Mais wird oft als Futtermittel für Tiere verwendet.

Maize is often used as animal feed.

Meaning: sweetcorn

Ich esse gerne gegrillten Mais mit Butter.

I enjoy eating grilled sweetcorn with butter.

Meaning: popcorn

Wir haben gestern Abend Popcorn im Kino gegessen.

We ate popcorn at the cinema last night.

Meaning: cornmeal

In vielen traditionellen Gerichten wird Maisgrieß verwendet.

Cornmeal is used in many traditional dishes.


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A1: Ich esse gerne Mais.

A1: I like to eat corn.

A1: Der Mais wächst auf dem Feld.

A1: The corn grows in the field.

A2: Wir haben gestern Mais gekauft.

A2: We bought corn yesterday.

B1: In Mexiko wird Mais oft zu Tortillas verarbeitet.

B1: In Mexico, corn is often processed into tortillas.

B1: Die Bauern ernten den Mais im Herbst.

B1: The farmers harvest the corn in autumn.

B2: Meine Mutter hat früher immer frischen Mais gekocht.

B2: My mother used to always cook fresh corn.

C1: Wenn der Mais nicht ausreichend bewässert wird, kann die Ernte schlecht ausfallen.

C1: If the corn is not sufficiently irrigated, the harvest can be poor.

C1: Es ist wichtig, dass der Mais regelmäßig gedüngt wird, um ein gesundes Wachstum zu gewährleisten.

C1: It is important to regularly fertilize the corn to ensure healthy growth.

C2: Durch genetische Modifikation kann der Ertrag von Maispflanzen gesteigert werden.

C2: Genetic modification can increase the yield of corn plants.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Mais is the German word for 'corn'. It refers to a cereal grain that is widely cultivated and consumed as a staple food in many parts of the world.

In Germany, Mais is primarily grown for animal feed and bioenergy production. However, it is also used in human food products such as cornflakes, popcorn, and cornmeal.

The cultivation of Mais in Germany has increased significantly over the years due to its versatility, high yield potential, and adaptability to different climatic conditions.

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