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Mann is a German noun that refers to an adult male human being.

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Meaning: adult human male

Der Mann geht zur Arbeit.

The man goes to work.

Meaning: husband

Mein Mann und ich sind seit 10 Jahren verheiratet.

My husband and I have been married for 10 years.

Meaning: man (as opposed to woman)

In diesem Raum sind nur Männer anwesend.

There are only men present in this room.

Meaning: servant or valet

Der Mann des Hauses hat ihm die Tür geöffnet.

The servant of the house opened the door for him.

Meaning: human being in general (archaic usage)

Der Mensch ist ein vernunftbegabtes Wesen.

Man is a rational being.


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Der Mann geht zur Arbeit.

The man goes to work.

Ich sehe einen Mann auf der Straße.

I see a man on the street.

Mein Vater ist ein Mann.

My father is a man.

Der Mann, den ich gestern getroffen habe, war sehr nett.

The man I met yesterday was very nice.

Die Männer spielen Fußball im Park.

The men are playing soccer in the park.

Mein Chef hat mir gesagt, dass der Mann, der das Projekt leitet, sehr erfahren ist.

My boss told me that the man who is leading the project is very experienced.

Als der Mann die Tür öffnete, sah er eine Überraschungsparty für ihn.

When the man opened the door, he saw a surprise party for him.

Ich werde den Mann fragen, ob er mir helfen kann.

I will ask the man if he can help me.

Wenn ich älter bin, möchte ich ein erfolgreicher Mann sein.

When I am older, I want to be a successful man.

Advanced Description

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In German, Mann is a common noun that simply means 'man' or 'male'. It is used to refer to any adult male human being, regardless of their age or social status. The word is often used in everyday conversation and can be found in a wide range of contexts, from formal settings like business meetings to informal situations like chatting with friends.

While Mann is a straightforward term, it's worth noting that it can have different connotations depending on the context. For example, in certain cultural or historical contexts, Mann might be associated with specific traits or qualities that are considered masculine or desirable. Additionally, the word can be modified by adjectives or other words to create more specific meanings; for instance, Jungmann (young man), alter Mann (old man), or reicher Mann (rich man).

Overall, Mann is a versatile and widely-used noun in German that refers to adult male humans. Its meaning can vary depending on the context and modifiers used, but in general it is a neutral term that simply denotes gender.

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