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A 'Mantel' is a German noun that refers to a coat or overcoat, typically worn as outerwear to keep warm.

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Meaning: coat

Ich trage meinen Mantel, wenn es draußen kalt ist.

I wear my coat when it's cold outside.

Meaning: cloak

Der Magier hüllte sich in seinen schwarzen Mantel.

The magician wrapped himself in his black cloak.

Meaning: mantle

Die Verantwortung für das Projekt liegt nun auf seinen Schultern wie ein schwerer Mantel.

The responsibility for the project now rests on his shoulders like a heavy mantle.

Meaning: cover

Der Schnee legte sich wie ein weißer Mantel über die Landschaft.

The snow covered the landscape like a white mantle.


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A1: Ich trage einen Mantel.

A1: I am wearing a coat.

A1: Der Mantel ist warm.

A1: The coat is warm.

A1: Mein Mantel ist blau.

A1: My coat is blue.

B1: Ich habe meinen alten Mantel weggegeben.

B1: I gave away my old coat.

B1: Sie hat ihren Mantel verloren und sucht ihn überall.

B1: She lost her coat and is searching for it everywhere.

B2: Er trägt den Mantel, den er gestern gekauft hat.

B2: He is wearing the coat that he bought yesterday.

C1: Nachdem ich den Mantel angezogen hatte, ging ich nach draußen.

C1: After putting on the coat, I went outside.

C1: Wenn es kalt ist, ziehe ich immer meinen dicken Mantel an.

C1: When it's cold, I always put on my thick coat.

C2: Obwohl der Mantel teuer war, habe ich ihn trotzdem gekauft.

C2: Although the coat was expensive, I still bought it.

Advanced Description

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The word 'Mantel' is commonly used in the German language to describe a type of clothing that is worn as an outer layer to protect against cold weather. It is similar to a coat or overcoat in English. The term can be used to refer to both men's and women's outerwear, and it can vary in length and style depending on fashion trends and personal preference.

In Germany, the 'Mantel' is a popular garment during the colder months, especially in regions with harsh winters. It is often made from warm and durable materials such as wool or synthetic fibers. The 'Mantel' typically has long sleeves, a button or zipper closure, and may feature additional details like pockets or a hood for added functionality.

The 'Mantel' is not only practical but also a fashion statement. It can be found in various colors, patterns, and designs, allowing individuals to express their personal style while staying warm and protected from the elements. Whether worn for everyday activities or special occasions, the 'Mantel' is an essential piece of clothing in many Germans' wardrobes.

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