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Meaning: market (place of trade)

Ich gehe zum Markt, um frisches Obst und Gemüse zu kaufen.

I go to the market to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

Meaning: market (economic system)

Der Aktienmarkt ist sehr volatil.

The stock market is very volatile.

Meaning: market (target audience)

Diese Werbung richtet sich an den jungen Markt.

This advertisement targets the young market.

Meaning: market (demand for a product or service)

Es gibt einen großen Markt für nachhaltige Produkte.

There is a big market for sustainable products.


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A1: Ich gehe zum Markt, um Obst und Gemüse zu kaufen.

A1: I go to the market to buy fruits and vegetables.

A1: Der Markt ist jeden Samstag geöffnet.

A1: The market is open every Saturday.

A1: Meine Mutter kauft immer frisches Brot auf dem Markt.

A1: My mother always buys fresh bread at the market.

B1: Auf dem Markt gibt es eine große Auswahl an frischem Obst und Gemüse.

B1: There is a wide selection of fresh fruits and vegetables at the market.

B1: Ich habe gestern auf dem Markt einen schönen Blumenstrauß gekauft.

B1: Yesterday, I bought a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the market.

B1: Jeden Sonntag veranstaltet die Stadt einen Flohmarkt auf dem Marktplatz.

B1: Every Sunday, the city organizes a flea market at the marketplace.

C1: Der Markt hat sich in den letzten Jahren stark verändert.

C1: The market has undergone significant changes in recent years.

C1: Die Firma plant, neue Produkte auf den Markt zu bringen.

C1: The company plans to launch new products on the market.

C1: Der Markt wird von verschiedenen Faktoren beeinflusst, wie Angebot und Nachfrage.

C1: The market is influenced by various factors such as supply and demand.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "Markt" is a German noun that translates to "market" in English. It refers to a physical or virtual place where goods and services are bought and sold.

In Germany, markets have a long history and play an important role in the economy. They can be found in cities, towns, and even small villages. These markets offer a wide range of products such as fresh produce, meats, fish, dairy products, clothing, household items, and more.

Visiting a market in Germany is not only a shopping experience but also a cultural one. It provides an opportunity to interact with local vendors, sample regional specialties, and immerse oneself in the vibrant atmosphere of the market.

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