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Meaning: machine

Die Maschine läuft reibungslos.

The machine runs smoothly.

Meaning: aircraft

Das Flugzeug ist eine Maschine, die Menschen und Fracht transportiert.

The aircraft is a machine that transports people and cargo.

Meaning: engine

Der Motor ist das Herzstück der Maschine.

The engine is the heart of the machine.

Meaning: appliance

Die Waschmaschine erleichtert die Hausarbeit.

The washing machine makes housework easier.

Meaning: robot

Der Roboter ist eine hochentwickelte Maschine mit künstlicher Intelligenz.

The robot is a highly advanced machine with artificial intelligence.


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A1: Ich habe eine Maschine.

A1: I have a machine.

A1: Die Maschine ist laut.

A1: The machine is loud.

A1: Die Maschine funktioniert gut.

A1: The machine works well.

B1: Die Maschine wurde gestern repariert.

B1: The machine was repaired yesterday.

B1: Ich werde die Maschine morgen benutzen.

B1: I will use the machine tomorrow.

B2: Die Maschine hat in den letzten Jahren viele Verbesserungen erfahren.

B2: The machine has undergone many improvements in recent years.

C1: Es wird erwartet, dass die neue Maschine die Produktivität steigert.

C1: It is expected that the new machine will increase productivity.

C1: Die Maschine könnte durch automatisierte Prozesse effizienter gemacht werden.

C1: The machine could be made more efficient through automated processes.

C2: Die komplexe Maschine erfordert spezialisierte Kenntnisse für ihre Bedienung und Wartung.

C2: The complex machine requires specialized knowledge for its operation and maintenance.

Advanced Description

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The German noun 'Maschine' translates to 'machine' in English. It refers to a device that uses power to perform a specific task or function. Machines are typically designed to make work easier, faster, or more efficient.

In everyday life, we encounter various types of machines. For example, a washing machine is used to clean clothes, while a computer is a machine that processes information and performs tasks. Other common examples include vehicles like cars and airplanes, as well as industrial machinery used in manufacturing and production.

Machines can be operated manually or automatically, depending on their design and purpose. They can range from simple tools to complex systems with multiple components and functions. The field of engineering is dedicated to the study and development of machines, aiming to improve existing technologies and create new ones.

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