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Meaning: mass

Die Masse des Objekts beträgt 1 Kilogramm.

The mass of the object is 1 kilogram.

Meaning: crowd

Eine große Masse von Menschen versammelte sich auf dem Platz.

A large crowd of people gathered in the square.

Meaning: bulk

Der Großteil der Masse besteht aus Wasser.

The bulk of the mass is made up of water.

Meaning: dough

Für den Kuchen benötigen wir eine Masse aus Mehl, Zucker und Butter.

For the cake, we need a dough made from flour, sugar, and butter.

Meaning: measure

Bitte wiegen Sie die Masse der Zutaten sorgfältig ab.

Please carefully measure the mass of the ingredients.


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A1: Die Masse des Buches beträgt 500 Gramm.

The weight of the book is 500 grams.

A1: Ich habe eine große Masse an Büchern in meinem Regal.

I have a large quantity of books on my shelf.

A1: Die Masse der Schokolade ist sehr lecker.

The taste of the chocolate is very delicious.

B1: Die Masse der Bevölkerung wächst stetig.

The population is growing steadily.

B1: Die Masse des Autos hat sich seit dem letzten Modell reduziert.

The weight of the car has reduced since the last model.

B2: Die Masse der Daten, die wir verarbeiten müssen, ist enorm.

The amount of data we have to process is enormous.

C1: Die Masse der Demonstranten wurde von der Polizei aufgelöst.

The crowd of protesters was dispersed by the police.

C1: Die Masse der Informationen im Internet kann überwältigend sein.

The mass of information on the internet can be overwhelming.

C2: Die Masse des Universums ist unvorstellbar groß.

The mass of the universe is unimaginably large.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The German noun 'Masse' refers to the concept of mass in physics and mathematics. It is used to describe the amount of matter an object contains or its resistance to acceleration. In physics, mass is a fundamental property of objects and is often measured in kilograms (kg). In mathematics, mass can also refer to the distribution of a quantity over a space or set.

In physics, the concept of mass plays a crucial role in understanding the behavior of objects under the influence of forces. It determines how objects respond to external forces, such as gravity, and is related to other physical quantities like momentum and energy. Mass can be measured using various techniques, including balance scales or more advanced instruments like electronic balances.

In mathematics, the term 'mass' can be used in different contexts. For example, in measure theory, it refers to a measure that assigns a non-negative real number to subsets of a given space. This measure can represent probabilities, densities, or other quantities. The concept of mass also appears in integral calculus, where it represents the total accumulated effect of a function over a region or interval.

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